At the Goldstone Event

Hey I’m at the Goldstone event in Levin Ballroom. Liveblogging is so 2008. Livetweeting here.

Goldstone’s speech over. He sounded really defensive to me.

During Gold’s speech, a handful of people (I saw 4) stood up with the names of people killed in Gaza. He paused, talked about how in WWII the US fought for freedom of speech, then kept going. Applause against the protesters)

Gold is done. Wow, he took a while. Very passionate/emotional case.

I feel like the two men are making separate and different cases, both of which may be mostly true or convincing.

Almost out of batteries. Innermost Parts might go dark soon.





5 responses to “At the Goldstone Event”

  1. amanda

    I wouldn’t go with the words “passionate” or “emotional.” honestly I’d just say his arguments were loud and irrelevant.

  2. Jasmine

    I think it’s important to note that most people didn’t applaud as a symbol against the protesters’ ideas, but rather in support of Dore Gold’s right to speak uninterrupted, just as his counterpart did.

  3. The people that stood up to this event did so silently and let the speakers speak. However, the audience reacted by yelling while some other audience members reacted by lightly assaulting some of the silent protesters – pulling on hair, hitting, etc…

  4. Alan Royals

    Sounds extremely rude that people didn’t let the speakers speak.

  5. Lev

    For the record, far more than four people stood up. At least 15 stood.

    And on their shirts were names of both Israeli and Palestinian victims.