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  • Occupy Wall Street- 7:28pm Saturday

    7:28pm We just ran into the “Rent is to Damn High!” guy at Zucotti Park. ?????? ? ???? Get A Quick Online Payday Loan Now payday loans online same day deposit online payday loans no credit check instant payday loans online hairy girl payday loan ????????? ?????? […]

  • Occupy Wall Street- 7:03pm Saturday

    7:03pm The second general assembly is starting. The one demand will be decided on soon. The street lights are on and the march around Wall Street has finally been completed. ???? ?????? ??? ?????? Easy And Fast Cash Advances instant payday loans online easy payday loans online small payday loans ?????????? ?????? […]

  • Occupy Wall Street- 5:04pm Saturday

    5:04pm Marching around Wall Street. “Human Needs-not Corporate Greed.” The NYPD just advised the media to leave lower Manhattan. ????? ???? ?????? Easy And Fast Cash Advances easy online payday loans payday loans online same day no credit check sameday payday loans online buy over the counter medicines hairy girls […]

  • Occupy Wall Street- 4:06pm Saturday

    4:06pm the first years (including me) have been handing out food and set up a distribution center with minimum visibility. ???? ?? ????? ?????? online-payday-loans-in-america cash advance loan online payday loans online no credit check instant approval no faxing easy payday loans online ???? ?? ????? ?????????? ?????? […]

  • Occupy Wall Street- 3:31pm Saturday

    3:31pm The general assembly has begun at Zuccotti Park. The first years are helping with the food efforts. Shea and Scott are participating in a focus group. ????????? Short Term Loans in America cash advance loan online online payday loans for bad credit bad credit payday loans guaranteed approval ????? ??? ?????? […]

  • Occupy Wall Street- 2:51pm Saturday

    2:53pm The march to Zucotti Park has begun. ?????? ?????? get quick online payday loan now cash advance loan online payday loan guaranteed payday loans ????? ?? ????? ?????? ??????? ???? ?? ????? ?????????? ?????? ????? ?? ????? ?????? ????? ???? ??? ????? ?????????????? ????? ???????? ?? […]

  • Occupy Wall Street- 2:40pm Saturday

    2:40pm The cops have virtually surrounded the area around Bowling Green park. They are definitely just monitoring the system right now. The general assembly is going to start (supposedly) at 3 in Zuccotti Park a couple blocks away. ???? how to get fast payday loan online best payday loan cash advance loan […]

  • Occupy Wall Street- 2:17pm Saturday

    2:17pm Scott just reported that the cops have completely barricaded off chase plaza. The roads are barricaded as well. The organization of the protest is definitely mediocre. Some radicals might make the one demand illogical and unrealistic, completely castrating the protest. ?????? ? ???? Online Cash Advance Loan online payday loans for […]

  • 1:59pm Rumors of police ketteling attempt pushes us out of the park and into the plaza in front of the smothsonian indian museum. While speeches were being made, the police tried to arrest a veteran waving a flag, a group chant deterred him. ??????? ???? ??? ???????? get a next business day […]

  • Occupy Wall Street- 1:39pm Saturday

    1:39pm occupied wall street meets for a pre rally. About 1.5 thousand people showed up. A lot of chants. “no justice, no peace, F*** corporate greed”. About to begin the General Assembly. ???? ?????? ??? ?????? online-payday-loans-in-america best online payday loans instant approval online payday loans direct lenders direct payday loans ???? […]

  • Live Blog from Wall Street- 11:39am Saturday

    We are all packed and are ready to leave Shea’s apartment to head down to Bowling Green Park for the pre-rally. Let’s Go! -Aaron ????? ???? ?????? emergency payday loans payday loans online same day no credit check online payday loans direct lenders payday loans near me no credit check ??????? ????? […]

  • Live Blog from Wallstreet- 9:45am Saturday

    This is Aaron live blogging from Shea’s apartment (about 10 minutes walking distance from wallstreet). I am helping Shea cover this event. Nick and Jake are two other first years with us. The dumpster dive adventure last night was super successful. We secured three large trash bags of bagels and one shopping cart of canned […]

  • Live Blogging Ocuppy Wall St

    Scott and Shea from Fung Wah. We past the auburn Mall. Were going to eat in china town, then go dumpster diving at 830 all around NYC with tons of people we dont know to gather food for the occupiers. Adventure! We share this quote that we want to hold in non-violent spirit tomorrow: “Do […]