Brandeis Considers More Options for Rose Art

In a recent e-mail to the Student Body, Daniel Acheampong, Student Union President ’10-’11, explains Brandeis’ openness to consider new options in the ongoing legal struggle over the sales of pieces from the Rose Art Museum. While Brandeis considers these other avenues, including loaning out works of art, it will suspend its efforts to sell the art. 

I just want to update you on recent news with the Rose Art Museum. In the midst of this critical economic period for our university, Brandeis will explore a range of alternatives to the sale of art from the Rose Art Museum in an effort to generate value from a portion of the collection while still maintaining ownership of the artwork. Many museums around the world have engaged in a similar type of collection-sharing that Brandeis is considering.

The initiative is in its initial stages as there are no details of a timetable, parties who might be interested, the art that might be included, or the potential revenue any agreement might generate. I will keep you updated on any information that I receive. I also encourage you to remain engaged and follow the subject matter. I hope the student body can be involved in whatever decision the university makes concerning this matter.

Here are multiple articles that you can read to get further information:

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I appreciate Brandeis’ perceived acceptance of the legal debacle it has found itself wrapped up in, and thus its willingness to consider other options and hold off on selling more of its collection. It’s long past time for this controversy to be settled, and by saying it is taking this option off the table, at least temporarily, Brandeis is going a long ways towards assuaging people’s fears as to the future of arts at the university. 

I also commend Acheampong on his e-mail, which asks the student body to stay involved in this ongiong issue, and expresses his wish that students “can be involved in whatever decision the university makes concerning this matter.” Although only time will tell if the University will live up to its promise of listening to students’ input, it is encouraging to hear the Student Union President advocating for activism on this important issue, which will affect all of us.






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    Are there art lease programs where Brandeis leases select pieces of art to other collections, in exchange for some of the revenue?