Dastardly Vandals Wish to Destroy Our System of Government

Graffiti found in 3rd Floor Castle Bathroom:

“I am thinking of Revolution. You dig?”

I do, in fact, dig. This mysterious Castle revolutionary has things about right, I think.

If you like, we can discuss either the message this wall has for us OR the question of whether graffitizing objects and buildings is appropriate if it works towards a positive end (namely, inspiring the masses to revolt). If you have thoughts on these matters, place them within the comments section.

As for myself, I would like to see more of these slogans placed upon our campus. It would liven things up a bit.






3 responses to “Dastardly Vandals Wish to Destroy Our System of Government”

  1. Everything is nonsense without a ‘proper’ contextual understanding.

    Perhaps there may be a mass revolt as a partial result of this scribbling – do not deny the active power of doing and witnessing the performance of subversive deeds with subversive messages (especially in times with little hope). mr. blonde, i have never asked to be a citizen, and yet i am considered one. i never signed any social contract, so fuck the state, oppressive force that it is. you ask what the ‘Romans’ have done for us, and i point to genocide, sitcoms, consumerism, the facade of democracy, factory farms, slavery, imperialism, wars of aggression, capitalism, wage-slavery, private property, global warming, mass-extinction, structured and regimented daily life, patriarchy, racism, classism, a false sense of security, and so forth. we can do so much better than the Romans; we owe no loyalty to them or their system, for as they beat us into submission and slavery with one hand they sought to sell us balm and opiates with the other. we can live a life that is so much more free, true, beautiful, humane, loving, altruistic, and egalitarian than the conditions that their game allow for us. may we live to see it, and may you come to see the world as i see it. forsake not thy dreams for a paler reality.

  2. mr. blonde

    yes the “masses” are going to revolt after seeing nonsense scrawled on random walls.

    /most art is bad and useless, so is most graffiti
    //what are the “masses?” does the custodian who has to work extra hard scrubbing that out not count? or is it only rich college kids.
    ///what have the Romans ever done for us?

  3. Phil

    One of the Usdan bathroom stalls has “MAO LIVES!” written in it. I think someone may have written the same thing in one of the Golding bathroom stalls too. Weird.