Don’t forget to…Shut up already!

Okay, the reminder emails about filling out course evaluations are getting old. REALLY old. Like mold on toast old. Seriously.

The latest one says that they are postponing the deadline because they want more people to fill them out, which is great. I have no problem with postponing the deadline. In fact I support postponing the deadline. And so I got to thinking, why can’t the deadline be postponed until right before grades are due? Why not just make it so that you can’t see your grades until your evaluations are filled out? What’s wrong with that?

What do people think? Has this been thought of already? Why hasn’t it been done?





5 responses to “Don’t forget to…Shut up already!”

  1. Justin

    If you do them early, then you won’t get the annoying e-mails. I decided to get them out of the way when the link first came out before thanksgiving so I wouldn’t be annoyed by e-mails when I had a lot of work going on.

  2. Jody Davis

    The hold on grades is already done at plenty of other schools. I heard a rumor next semester, or next year they are going to start holding grades here…

    I actually like filling out course evaluations. While there are certainly professors who will completely ignore the evaluation, for the majority i think it probably helps – especially in new classes or with new professors. On the one hand, i wish they would give us time to fill them out in class (like they had to with paper evals). On the other hand, when each class is like $400…i dont want to pay that much to evaluate the course.

  3. Dev

    I like that idea. I really, really like that idea. Then people would actually do them… it’s kind of like how at my high school you can’t get your diploma until you pay all your fines and such…

  4. Don’t do your course evaluations! You should be able to see your grades before doing them, because then you are able to judge the entire semester fairly.
    The idea of a registration hold has been raised, but for some reason the people in charge seem to think that raffling off cheap ipod’s or serving snacks on the honor system to people who finish evaluations is effective. I forget who makes the decision, she gave a presentation to me, she seemed clueless.
    But the larger question is, why do them in the first place?

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