F-Board Regular Marathon Coverage Coming Soon!

The Finance Board has finished this semester’s regular marathon for allocating funds. You can view which student organizations got what on myBrandeis right now.

If you read the Justice today, you’d know the board granted only about 42% of whatever funds organizations requested this semester. Last year, F-Board was able to grant 85% of requests on average, according to F-Board member Gabriel Weingrod-Nemzow (in the same article).

F-Board representatives told the Justice more clubs requesting more money, a dearth of rollover funds, and other changes forced their hand.

Though some of the chosen few- Student Events and BTV, for example- received close to everything they asked for, most campus clubs are now struggling to bridge their funding gaps. The F-Board singlehandedly determined your tuition money’s final destination: which events to support, and which causes to bolster. The Brandeis community needs ready access to more information describing how these decisions will affect them.

That’s why Innermost Parts will be detailing who’s getting how much, and for what. We’ll be talking to club members about how they feel about their funding, and how they plan to work with their budget. We’ll also pose some ideas about alternative methods for obtaining money.

Keep reading and refreshing Innermost Parts for additional coverage!






2 responses to “F-Board Regular Marathon Coverage Coming Soon!”

  1. another student

    \reported attendance at their concert on Aug 28th was 35 students\ There were more people specifically for that event. That concert was specifically run with/for Orientation and it was hard to publicize so early in the semester. Our other concerts generate over 1000 students. Studentevents would love to hear your suggestions for events. We try our best to create the best events possible for the campus. To throw the big concerts we throw requires a good amount of money not only for the artist, but production, stage, lighting, sound, fees, etc.

  2. some.student

    Does anyone know the story of what/where Student Event’s money goes?
    Time and time again they waste money on poorly attended events. The reported attendence at their concert on Aug 28th was 35 students. How much did they spend on that concert? I’d like some more transparency here…