Feminism or Firearms: What Empowers Women More?

"So, maybe the true feminist icon shouldn't be Gloria Steinem but Annie Oakley."

This is a particularly anti-feminist clip from "The Five," a show on FoxNews. It was aired November 1st, 2011.

The Five- Feminism or Firearms: What Empowers Women More?

I found the clip, aired November 1st, this week while looking for material for my  modern conservative feminist character for a comedic, satirical newscast we had to create for my Comedic Writing class here at Second City- Comedy Studies.

I do think there is a way to be a conservative and a feminist, but I do not think that most people who claim to be both truly are, according to my own definition of feminism, which is equality of the genders.









One response to “Feminism or Firearms: What Empowers Women More?”

  1. lara grey

    That;s horrible. What a barbarian suggestion. And btw, Annie Oakley shot as a skill, a sport, not to harm anyone, not even for self defense. She hunted as a child to feed her family, and then became an amazingly skilled sharp shooter.