Introducing; The Brandeis Activist Calendar

Last Semester, I had a problem. I wanted to go to SEA or ARC or BLC meeting, but I kept forgetting when the meetings were.I also missed several events because I kept confusing Thursday and Tuesday, or if they were improperly advertised. Silly? Maybe, but I was operating on little sleep and so on,

Well, no more. I’m happy to introduce the Brandeis Activist Calendar, a service provided by If you’re the leader or communications director or so on of a progressive activist club, email me at sahar ((at) and I’ll give you access to the calendar so you can add your events and meetings. update: in case it wasn’t clear – the calendar is shown as the “Upcoming Events” widget on the sidebar of Innermost Parts

This will be a great advertising opportunity for clubs and also a valuable resource for all students so I hope everyone takes advantage of this opportunity.

P.S. The coolest thing about google calendar is how easy it is to share. So you can export it to iCal format (for use on other calendar apps) with this link. You can also get the calendar as an rss feed.
Lastly, it’s really easy to share google calendars with other google account users, so send me an email and we’ll “share” the Brandeis Acitivist calendar with you.






4 responses to “Introducing; The Brandeis Activist Calendar”

  1. Jessica

    Once I’m allowed access… 🙂

  2. Thanks. When will your clubs start posting to the calendar?

  3. Jessica

    A much more accessible take on the arc calendar. Good thinking.

  4. Daniel Ortner

    This is a great idea and will be very helpful. I am disorganized and often forgot in the past when meetings or events took place.