Jasper Johns is Watching!

According to today’s New York Times article (See Nathan’s post below), world-renowned contemporary painter and printmaker Jasper Johns has spoken out about the Rose’s closing.

Johns said on Tuesday, “I find it astonishing. I’ve never heard anything like it.”


Johns is only one of the revolutionary artists cherished at the Rose, including Robert Rauschenberg, Cindy Sherman, Andy Warhol, Joan Miro, and Roy Lichtenstein.






3 responses to “Jasper Johns is Watching!”

  1. Liza

    You’re right Alex, that heading was unnecessarily polemical, so I’ve changed it. Thanks!

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  3. He has not specifically spoken out against the closing of the Rose – just that he finds it astonishing. Lets make that clear.

    And what, precisely, is our side? I love the Rose as much as anyone, but I am not completely committed to keeping it, at any cost. We don’t need dichotomies of us v. them!