Passion Pit Will Headline Spring Fest

The Spring Fest music committee, made up of members of the WBRS music department and Student Events, have billed the band Passion Pit to headline this year’s Spring Fest. The band was paid their quote of $40,000 with no negotiation for a lower price, according to an anonymous source.






26 responses to “Passion Pit Will Headline Spring Fest”

  1. Kendrick

    I’m fairly certain it is passion pit, with Last FM conformation.

  2. Doug Moore

    Yeah everyone calm down, I was kidding (A hardcore band for Springfest would still be awesome). Today is St. Patricks day, I highly recommend if you’re of age, that you enjoy a pint of Guinness and listen to some incredible irish music. I think we can all agree that bands like the Dubliners ( or the Pogues ( are beyond awesome.

  3. Abbie, I think you misunderstand Doug’s tone. Everyone – take a chill pill?

  4. Abbie

    Doug Moore:

    Passion Pit is a band that consists of musicians who play instruments AND do synths/samples. they’re both. Maybe if you cared a bit more, you’d research it yourself before passing judgement. PLUS, I’m sure student events and wbrs would much rather pick a band that most people would be happy with – not a band that would only satisfy a small group.

  5. Doug Moore

    The writers of this blog can post whatever they want. If they want to follow leads from credible sources, then more power to them.

    That being said, we should totally get some Hardcore Punk Band to come up the punx and not crappy electro pop.

    -The other Doug

  6. Emily

    Doug and David:

    Yeah, I don’t think I’m “cool” for posting this information. My sources wanted me to leak it for whatever political reason. I agreed because I thought the news was relevant for the price information.

    Please don’t be unproductive and assume I think I’m the shit. We’re trying to be a news source, here. If you’re still in delusion over my feelings of self-worth, e-mail me and we can talk more in depth.

  7. Alex N.

    If I were Student Events, I’d have some members leak that it was Passion Pit, and some leak that it was Owl City, and watch the ongoing debate only to reveal that we got BOTH. And then all would be awed and our dominance would be cemented. Actually, if I was Student Events I’d probably get bands that I like more. But you get the idea.

  8. Doug

    Why members of Student Events and WBRS can’t keep their yaps shut regardless of who is coming is beyond my understanding. Seems that everyone is just a bunch of prissy little preteen girls who get off at the prospect of knowing “secretive” information and divulging it carelessly. Who cares who it is now? They’ll announce it when they announce it. What is with this “Oh, let me showcase my worth as I’m the first to break this news through my ‘radical’ blog page.” All that knowing who is coming for Springfest before the official announcement does is give you all more time to whine and complain or praise and acclaim the choice of band(s). Get a life.

  9. Lev

    I think a lot of people are bothered by the excessive budget that Student Events gets. Its a huge amount of money and a lot of it goes to things that most people just don’t care about.

    I pass no judgements about 40k for Passion Pit.

    I do pass judgement on those weird Brandeis Student Events glossy post-card like things that were passed out at Ben Folds.

  10. David

    I have heard from a lot of my own anonymous sources that it is in fact Owl City and that Passion Pit was lost to another school so you might want to get a little more up to date sources. As a person who used to book concerts for my high school you would be SHOCKED how much concerts actually cost I have no idea about this band in particular but in high school we brought in some big name artists and most were 50-60k for just an hour. I have never felt let down by a concert in my 3 years at Brandeis so I have faith it will all come together and pull through!
    Also I have read Innermost Parts for a while now looking for activist claims so aside from what my own sources say is 110% false information, I am upset that you have become a trash rumour site and sunk to a low level to ruin surprises for the campus. You say in your ‘about me’ that you are: Innermost Parts aims to support activism on campus. We believe in the power of organizing to create positive change. – This seems like you are just setting up a lot of negativity instead of using this for good support.

  11. Anonymous

    40k is not that much for a band. Especially a headlining act. I just want people to know, as someone who has experience with booking bands that we’re not just handing bands a big ass paycheck. To put it into perspective, ben folds in fall was more expensive. And they tried to push drake on multiple colleges for 70k. Would you rather have a fun show or watch drake rap over prerecorded music for 35 minutes? Just want to put this in perspective for people who aren’t familiar with every band ever and wants to whine about booking prices.

    And I see your points sahar, just voicing my opinion as well, yaknow?

  12. Springtimerox

    Let’s all get drunk and party together. Plz.

  13. Anonymous

    Honestly, I’m really disappointed that this is up here. How is this part of an activist blog as opposed to a spoiler? Not only did people on SE have to negotiate, so did wbrs. There was a lot of hard work put into springfest so far. So, you’re not getting facts straight, and ruining the surprise that certain people should be giving as a reward for their hard work. Regardless of who the band is, this isn’t productive. It’s like those people who yell Harry potter spoilers at boom releases, just not as funny.

    1. Anon – I think you could make the case that we should not have shouted the information from the title but instead made it more discreet so that people who weren’t interested in spoilers could avoid it. I’d probably agree with that argument.

      Anyways, multiple people have approached Emily and myself, being really pissed off about the cost of the show. Like I said before – “Passion Pit wooo! 40K – I hope they know what they’re doing”. Trying to smooth over the fact that people are pissed off isn’t productive.

      As for “there was a lot of work put into Springfest so far” – I totally agree. I’m sure springfest will be great and the reaction so far to the Passion Pit announcement was been positive. I think neither Emily nor I is challenging that assertion.

  14. Yale, don’t joke about that. Remember Asher Roth? These people are capable of anything!

  15. Yale

    You can forget what your sources tell you, because here’s the truth: the Jonas Brothers are going to open for Nickelback, all for only $10k and a bottle of absinthe. Heard it from every member of WBRS/SE, and all of their close friends, associates, family members.

  16. Steven

    I sense a cover up. It’s def. Passion Pit. 110% positive on that one.

  17. Hm… so I heard that Owl City was a false rumor to disguise the fact that it’s really Passion Pit. But perhaps Passion Pit is the rumor to disguise the reality of Owl City?

    It could be that a lot of people are lying to Emily and myself. We’ll see. If so, heads will roll.

  18. Stephanie

    Every person I know from wbrs and SE has told me that it’s Owl City, and that’s a lot of people that have confirmed it.

  19. Dan, I am confident of my facts. I am 100% sure that Passion Pit has been booked for Springfest. Since you disagree, we’ll have to wait until it’s officially announced, but I’m sure that Innermost Parts’ reputation will be enhanced when we’re right. 😉

  20. Dan

    I’ve heard from many sources, including those on wbrs and SE, that owl city is coming to sprinfest for 40k. You should recheck your sources.

  21. D C


  22. Alan Royals

    Never heard of them. That’s a lot of dough, and no negotiation? SE never ceases to amaze.

  23. !!!!!!!!!! YEAHHHHH

  24. Oh and by the way I have independent confirmation from 3 different sources that they are definitely coming, in case you guys were wondering.

  25. On one hand – wooo passion pit.
    On the other – that’s a lot of money. I hope they stayed within budget.