Redo Vote – Rep to the Alumni Association

So the election software was inocrrectly set up. Though the final round of elections had Jourdan Cohen running against Sam Fuchs, the ballots had the contest between Sam Fuchs and Jordan Kert. The mistake has been rectified, and we’ll have a redo election tomorrow.

The election for Rep to the Board of Trustees is unchanged.






5 responses to “Redo Vote – Rep to the Alumni Association”

  1. Avi

    cool, point taken. Thanks.

  2. Carrie

    Abstain didn’t actually win the first round ballot, Avi. If abstain had received more than 50%, then that would have constituted a win. As abstain and the top two candidates are always placed on the final ballot, Jordan Kert should not and does not receive a spot on the final ballot.

    Makes sense.

  3. Avi

    However there is still a in the fact problem that abstain won the ballot. According to the constitution if abstain wins a ballot that seat is not filled and the elections are re-held the next semester. This combined with the fact that Kert did receive votes last night may indeed mean that even though he was put there in error he should remain on the ballot like Fuchs and Cohen. Just some food for thought.

  4. Lev

    Also, hilariously, in the email Tia sent out, she referred to the other candidates in the race, Sam Fuchs, as ‘Sam Fucks.’

  5. Lev

    Messed up. Definitely not ok. As of 2:40 AM it still says Jordan Kert is the candidate for rep.

    Definitely going to be a hassle firing everyone up to vote again the next day.