Sign the Petition! ACT NOW to Open the Conversation: Tell Hillel to Accept Jewish Voice for Peace.

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Brandeis University Hillel has voted to exclude the campus chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace from becoming a member group. JVP advocates for a just resolution between Israelis and Palestinians, and is the only Jewish group on campus denied inclusion. Hillel based their decision on partisan political considerations: namely, JVP’s support for consumer boycott of illegal Israeli settlements goods. Hillel claims to be the pluralistic center of Jewish student life, yet this decision imposes an ideological litmus test for participation in campus Jewish life.

It is critical for the future of Israel that Jewish communal institutions foster the expression of different visions of how to implement peace with the Palestinians. Otherwise, an emerging movement of young Jews will be forced to choose between their values and a narrow, political interpretation of Judaism. If Hillel wishes to remain the true umbrella organization for the whole Jewish community, they must open the conversation about Israel.

Hold Hillel to its mission and tell them to include Jewish Voice for Peace:

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About JVP:
Jewish Voice for Peace is the only national Jewish organization that provides a voice for Jews and allies who believe that peace in the Middle East will be achieved through justice and full equality for both Palestinians and Israelis. With 27 chapters, a Rabbinical Council, 100,000 online supporters and an advisory board composed of many of the leading Jewish thinkers and artists of our time, Jewish Voice for Peace is the country’s fastest growing grassroots group dedicated to promoting a US foreign policy that respects the rights of both Israelis and Palestinians to peace and self-determination.


9 thoughts on “Sign the Petition! ACT NOW to Open the Conversation: Tell Hillel to Accept Jewish Voice for Peace.”

  1. You all should look at facts and not just listen to the rhetoric. Who is funding JVP, where is it getting its money from, what has it actually accomplished, other than stirring discource? Again, follow the facts, not just the words; thus, every organization must prove itself in deeds and actions and not rest soley on its anti-establishment sentiments.

  2. From my point of view, it’s the national Hillel that should change their constitution.

    A pluralistic nonpartisan Jewish community is a good thing. I’m proud that Brandeis’s Hillel includes something like that in their constitution, and I’d be significantly less proud if they were to change it to fall more in line with conservative Zionism.

  3. Brandeis Hillel should change it. It’s in conflict with the national organization, which is explicitly Zionist.

  4. To the notion that Hillel doesn’t claim to be pluralistic: The mission statement of Brandeis Hillel constitution reads:

    “We… affirm the necessity of a pluralistic Jewish community on campus, with partisanship to none.”

  5. Hillel doesn’t claim to be pluralistic at all, they’re Jewish and Zionist. I’d have a problem if members of JVP had issues attending Jewish religious services. As it is, Hillel is not a religious group, but a social one.

    Hillel is part of the continuing effort to mandate Zionism as part of the Jewish identity. However, they don’t claim to be doing anything different.

  6. @ Jon: They really didnt have a choice if you think about it. Brandeis Hillel is an extension of international hillel, just like brandeis JVP is an extension of the greater JVP, the two have opposing stances and so it doesnt make sense for JVP to be a part of Hillel at Brandeis.

  7. @ Arthur: Hillel is the center of Jewish life on campus – it shouldn’t be politicized. Hillel’s decision unacceptably narrows dialog about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and marginalizes increasingly mainstream positions in Jewish life, and within Israel itself. Shouldn’t Hillel reflect the opinions and ideals of young Jews, rather than imposing what they think are the correct ones?

  8. JVP has stances that fundamentally differ from those of Hillel, therefore JVP cannot be a part of Hillel.

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