Solar Panels

So the University is facing budget shortfalls and a shrinking endowment. I’m pondering:

– Is it still right and proper to demand solar panels for Brandeis?

– On one hand, we’re already seeing queues of years to get windmill parts – if Brandeis doesn’t act now, will it be shut out of the market to buy solar panels? Will the prices only go up in the future?

– Does it make financial sense to buy solar panels now, so as to cut down costs

If you’re interested in doing the legwork to come up with these answers, email me or elizabeth setren.






One response to “Solar Panels”

  1. Phil

    Of course we should still demand solar panels. While it’s tough to make the investment in this economy, the university will break even eventually and then start making money from them. The cheapest way to green is to reduce, which we’re working on. The administration should seriously consider the great incentives that the Commonwealth Solar program offers (thank you DEVAL PATRICK!). You can even get more money for purchasing from in-state companies. Evergreen Solar is excellent, and they’re located in Marlboro, MA. I do think that solar prices will go down. The demand keeps them from falling fast, but several companies have made huge gains in making panels cheaper to produce. Obviously I’m not an economics expert. Anyway, that’s my take on things. I don’t know Elizabeth but I surely wouldn’t mind chatting with her.