Students Arrested for Social Justice!

As an inspiration to all, students at College of William and Mary have advocated for the Living Wage Campaign, a push to have United States Federal Minimun Wage increased to afford the cost of housing. You can check out the camapgin website here. There are over 100 Living Wage Campaigns across states, cities, and college campuses.

Very early this morning, 5 William and Mary students were arrested for peacefully protesting to advocate the increase of wages for university workers. The group arranged for a 16 hour sit-in in President Taylor Reveley’s office for an increase of $15 per hour. The students, who had been in the office since Wednesday, were arrested at 12:50am. Other students will resume protesting around the president’s office at noon later today.
The story can be found here.

USAS is holding an email campaign to address Reveley’s actions. Click here to send your letter!

Or you can call President Taylor Reveley at (757) 221-1693 with this message:

Hi, my name is [name] and I’m from [college/university/affiliate]. I am calling to voice my concern that instead of finally agreeing to pay living wages to William & Mary workers, the University has instead chosen to bully and arrest students peacefully sitting in. This behavior is unacceptable, as are the poverty wages that William & Mary pays its workers. I urge you to include living wages for your workers in next year’s budget and to drop charges against students immediately.






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