That odious website

So there’s a certain shithole of a website that people are trying to ban.

Now, I’m very much an opponent of banning websites. The sort of opponent that gets angry at phrases like

“It’s important to question whether our First Amendment rights should trump our morality. We’ve fought for these rights, and we value them, but where do we draw the line?”

Still, I keep hearing more and more cases of people being absolutely devastated by the people writing gossip on the site. There have been, I bet, many secret trips to the Dean’s office, psychologists, or health center.

It’s important that the problem is not the technology, but the vicious knot of people who use anonymity as a sword instead of a shield. Still what are we going to do?

Seriously. I’m against banning websites, but the status quo is horrible. What can be done?






3 responses to “That odious website”

  1. Alan Royals

    Hold rallies on campus, not to ban it but rather to demand better from our fellow Brandesians.

    That, and spam it like there’s no tomorrow.

  2. We tried that – didn’t work.

  3. Jason

    Perhaps one thing to do is to not give it publicity by removing this blog post…just saying…