Trial tomorrow, 4pm, Shiffman 120

The time-wasting UJ trial will take place tomorrow (Saturday) at 4pm in Shiffman 120. Spectators are welcome. Innermost Parts will likely be liveblogging the whole thing, so stay tuned.






3 responses to “Trial tomorrow, 4pm, Shiffman 120”

  1. Alan Royals

    haha! to be honest, I’ve been impressed with how this blog has conducted itself since its ad hominem attacks during the Brooks-Rutrick trial. I may not always agree with the opinions (I doubt very many people if any agree with every opinion every expressed by the bloggers here) but I’ve liked how the discussion has almost always focused on the issues. Judging by a quick perusal of the latest trial blog and comments, I’d say that’s been true (the conversation has been about the issues) here as well. kudos!

  2. NathanJRobinson

    Glorious tabloid libel, of course!

  3. Alan Royals

    Will IMP-dot-org be supplying tabloid libel like during last year’s trial or will it actually attempt responsible reporting?