Welcome Hoot readers

Hi there, readers of The Brandeis Hoot.

Welcome to our humble publication. We know there’s a big news story about us today. Explore our archives yourself and see what we’re about. I hope you like what you find. Check out the “Brandeis Activist Calendar” on our sidebar. Pretty handy, eh?

As to the article, well, I think the Hoot is a bit too hung up on this “political party” nonsense but that’s their prerogative. We’re about much more than elections or the Student Union and frankly you’re missing out if you just look at us through that lens. I certainly hope we’re a positive source for change on campus, though, and I hope you’ll stick around, write down your thoughts and reactions in the comments of posts, and generally have a great time.






7 responses to “Welcome Hoot readers”

  1. Daniel Ortner

    I’ve been visiting innermostparts.org since its foundation last year, and I feel that the allegations that it is a political party are a bit absurd. Innermostparts has covered a wide range of topics from controversial campus issues to Brandeis history and lore and done a wonderful job of bringing student attention to relevant and insightful topics and events.

  2. Carrie

    It’s such a buzzkill when you make it ALL the way through the article, only to read that in the very last line which officially refers people to the site, the paper published the link incorrectly.

    Still, congratulations to the Hoot readers who correctly identified the site as a “.org!”

  3. I would not go so far as to say the article disturbed me – it was a well-written, well-researched (though it could have had more sources…) piece of work, as we expect from Ariel. It presented both sides of the question and I enjoyed it, if I disagreed with some of the conclusions.

    The thing is, we simply don’t have nearly as much influence as some give us credit for. Some of the people who write for Innermost Parts are very motivated about Student Union politics and thus do a good deal of campaign work, but the blog itself is cursory in that regard. It really has been used as a symbol, a scapegoat perhaps, for some candidates’ losses so they don’t have to come to terms with the fact that they simply aren’t wanted in the Student Union as much as their opponents.

    Phil is sort of off his rocker in regards to this party nonsense – anyone who has been to a few Student Senate meeting would know there are certainly no partisan dividing lines.

    I sort of enjoy the controversy simply for the absurdity of it all – but that’s all this is. Absurd. We aren’t a party, we aren’t a machine, we aren’t a secret underground paramillitary army bent on overthrowing the government and replacing it with the Blue Man group…

    We’re just a blog. Seriously now.

  4. Jessica

    A warm welcome to The Hoot readers!

    And pretty much just a huge amen to what you said Sahar. If you think Innermost Parts is just about political party bullshit, you’re really missing out.

    Read! Comment! Debate! Make friends!

  5. Lev

    Yeah, I intend to. I’ll probably ask some other Senators to co-sign it. I think a lot of us were really angered by the article.

  6. Ariel

    you could also write a letter to the editor and send it to time@brandeis.edu

  7. Lev

    That article disturbed me. I’ll make a follow-up post bashing it later.