UPDATED (again): We’ve voted for a third weight room in the gym… fuck.

::::::UPDATE 2::::::

After much deliberation with the Student Union E-Board, I have been convinced that a run-off cannot happen. Apparently, at the top of the first ballot it explicitly stated that no run-off would be held and that the first would be the final vote. To change policy now would set a dangerous precedent for after-the-election rule changes.

For this reason and THIS REASON ALONE, I do not think we can call for a run-off any longer. However, the fact that so many students voted for the solar panels is great. This means we can show the administration that this is something many students care about and would spend even their own student activities money on.

::::::ORIGINAL POST::::::

So the votes have been recorded from yesterday’s election, and the weight room proposal has won by 0.7%. The results are posted below.

Special Funding Request:
– New Weight Room in Gosman Athletic Center: 496 (37.43%)
– Solar Panels for a Brandeis Building: 474 (36.77%)
– Renovation of Chums: 139 (10.49%)
– Brandeis 10-Member Delegation to Rwanda: 91 (6.87%)
– Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Free Testing: 46 (3.47%)
– Radio Transmitter for WBRS: 34 (2.57%)
– Peace and Social Justice Week: 26 (1.96%)
– One-Day Carnival: 19 (1.43%)

It disturbs me to see that more Brandeis students voted to build a new weight room than for such proposals as solar panel construction, a delegation to Rwanda or free STI testing. In large part, I think this can be attributed to the athletic community’s get-out-the-vote effort (who would’ve thought!).

Also, the weight room had no other proposals competing for its target audience. The socially-minded community, meanwhile, had 4 proposals to deal with, which certainly split the vote away from solar panels, the second-place finisher.

This is why we need a run-off election between the top two proposals. This would ensure that the winning proposal expresses the will of as much of the student body as possible. Unfortunately, there is almost no time left to hold such an election, and it seems unlikely that any will be held. So we need your help. We’re organizing a coalition and petition to push for a run-off, but we don’t have any time.

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10 responses to “UPDATED (again): We’ve voted for a third weight room in the gym… fuck.”

  1. First I want to know why my original comment has been deleted, perhaps sensorship is something we should all be active about instead. Next, students are unhappy….okay well how bout the students that are happy. Unfortunately a vote like this is a zero sum games, there are winners and losers, however ideally the weightroom will help to create more winners. Also this is not a third weight room at the gym, it is an overhaul of the existing weight rooms. My understanding is that the money will go to renovating the main weightroom and turning the varsity weightroom into an olympic styled training area. It would not be right for the union money to go directly to the varsity weight room as unlike the regular one, everyone on campus would not have the right to use it.

  2. A Student

    I, for one, am happy that you were able to recognize your own error and publicly announce that to a movement you may have began. Impressive.

    Looking forward to seeing what you can do next year…make stuff happen! I know it can be done, I’ve seen it get done.

  3. Lev

    Ollie, I suggest you check out my posts on the facebook group before you claim I’m off ‘causing trouble.’

    Students are frustrated, and that is a problem.

  4. Ollie the Owl

    Glad to see two new senators are already causing trouble.

  5. Nelson Rutrick

    oh wow my bad, I made the hillary comment in another thread. This really was from ollie!

  6. Nelson Rutrick

    wait what, did my name when I commented really come up as ollie the owl…? What’s going on here

  7. Gideon Klionsky

    The weight room proposal won by 22 votes or 0.7 percene points or 4.6%.
    Not 1.3%.

  8. Lev

    Where were the rules stated anywhere?

    I’ve been looking hard to find the rules for this election and I cannot find them. They weren’t sent out in any of the emails about the election.

    The Union bylaws say: At least ten academic days prior to the start of balloting, the Chief of Elections shall communicate to the Union the timeline for elections and shall promulgate the rules and procedures for that election period.

    Who is changing the rules here?

  9. Ollie the Owl

    Don’t go changing the rules in the middle of the game. Who are you hillary?

  10. I support the petition 100 percent.