Your money is funding the Tea Party

There is a Tea Party chapter on campus. They have recently been chartered by the Student Union senate (without going through a “recognized” phase).

Your money – my money – is funding the Tea Party.

How does that make you feel?

It makes me feel sick. I don’t know what to do about it. Don’t know what I can do.





15 responses to “Your money is funding the Tea Party”

  1. Rach

    Wait Arthur did you just equate George Bush and the Tea Party?

  2. Art

    change my post to,\in other news\ not words.

  3. Josh Waizer

    My money going towards the Tea Party chapter sort of disgusts me, but I find the thought of my money going towards “The Change Agency” equally disgusting, and you’ve taken a whole lot more of it and are being much more active about making your presence known on campus.

    Demagoguery is a much more dangerous strategy when it has a good chance of catching on, and at Brandeis that makes the Change Agency more dangerous than the Tea Party.

  4. Art

    in other words, college students dislike George Bush.

  5. Wrote this on facebook:

    I’m not saying that we should decharter them, I’m not saying that they shouldn’t have been chartered. I’m not saying we should try to change this reality.

    Still makes me feel bad that my money is going to fund something that undermines my values.

    And I can’t think of an argument that would say that its ok for SDS to be chartered and the Tea Party not. Only this – we’re right and they’re wrong.

    I don’t think that will convince anyone, I’m not going to do anything about it, but it still makes me feel upset and I had to let it out.

    Tea Party people believe things that I find abhorrent. They’ve done and said things that really hurt my friends. Part of a liberal democratic system is tolerating people you disagree with. But let me be clear – I disagree with them and think they’re wrong and bad for Brandeis, bad for America.

  6. Leigh

    I don’t agree with the Tea Party at all, believe me, they drove me crazy last summer when I was interning in the local office of a congressman. But, I’m almost positive that members of the Brandeis tea party are substanstially more well informed and more educated about the topics at hand than the masses around the country.

    I know you are upset, Sahar, but I’d agree with other folks that you should be more careful with your wording. Don’t you think that there are some people on campus that have problems with other clubs? Some people may have problems with DFA while others have problems with Brandeis Republicans or Some students may be unhappy that Students for Justice and Peace in Palestine exists while others have a problem with BZA or J-Street.

    I think the Tea Party was well within their rights to form here. And I hope that they might be willing to participate in dialogues with other politically based groups on campus. Because let’s face it, as I said before, the people of the Brandeis Tea Party are not the same as the masses you hear disrespectfully shouting down politicians in town halls. They’re more mature, or at least I have a strong faith that they are more mature 🙂

  7. Aziz

    Sahar, upset or not – I am upset by your comments. It seems like you are heading down a path of what I call ‘militant liberalism’, when you become so ‘liberal’ others’ views don’t seem to matter.

    I might not agree with the Tea Party but like other groups, it is a diverse group. A group with ideas and a group which has the ability to add debate on campus.
    I feel like having the Tea Party can be a good thing. I wish them good luck and hope they sponsor events which add to political debate and not hate.

  8. Helpful

    No club has to go through a mandatory period of just being recongized. A club can go right to chartered.

  9. I”m not advocating for any change to reality. I’m just saying that it makes me upset. I’m allowed to be upset.

  10. Alex N.

    I agree with Scott.

  11. Doug

    It makes me feel sick that my money is funding the volleyball club. I absolutely abhor the sport, but those that support it still have every right to start a group and request money for it.

    I hate the tea party just as much as the next guy, don’t get me wrong. But if someone on campus has the support to start a club and they get the signatures (it must have taken a lot of balls to go around and do that, at least give them that), they deserved to be chartered. I guess you could make the argument that the tea party is very similar to deis republicans but obviously the union didn’t feel that way.

    As for the recognized period, I’m president of Brewing Club. We never had to go through a trial recognized period when we were chartered three years ago.

  12. I’m assuming our money also funds the Brandeis Republicans (or is it Libertarian-Conservative Union these days?) Republican and Tea Partier are pretty much the same these days. What are you going to do? Tell them they can’t have our money because we don’t agree with them? How does that make us look?

    If anything, take comfort in the fact that, like the BCLU, the Tea Party will probably have about 10 or fewer members. This is Brandeis, after all.

    I will add the the Justice article about the Tea Party was pretty hilarious. I can’t wait for the Tea Partiers to teach me all those historical facts I’ve been missing…

  13. Scott

    i am pissed who gives a shit
    i don’t give a fuck at all
    i am sicked i am so very sickened nw
    it was a good lay good lay
    iut was a good lay good lay

    No i was being a little bitch because I think it is fun to make innermost parts comments more outrageous than youtube comments. That is the thing youtube comments capture a slice of emotive uncensored feeling about something and with anonymity it gets ugly fast. Funny how the internet does that. But like it is weird though, Sahar wrote this, I know you Sahar, I love you Sahar, but it is so removed from the real Sahar. It is just like words on a piece of paper and it is so disconnected from the physical world.
    Anyway in non kneejerk reactionally terms I am uncomfortable with the fact that there would be a problem. There is a quidditch team, and Students for Environmental Action and SSIS and the Change Agency. that makes me feel like, wow I wish that every club I wasn’t in didn’t exist and we would have a lower activities fee, but people have a wide range of interests here. Also they provide nice services. Also I don’t exactly think that. I do think it is crazy that we see how ridic people can be about groups of people like recently in the news, and then find another one so easy to dump on.

    The Tea Party is a thing, people are in it, whatever, it has a bad rap I’m not in it but you know my friends are and Brandeis better have a Tea Party so my friends in it can be in a Brandeis Tea Party, because Brandeis is awesome.

    Also the captcha is ridiculous it says imseel then there is a 5 and upside down r and underscore and a 3. it is crazy. But i know how captchas work, only one word is being tested for so I will write something else where i don’t know the word

  14. Alex Hulse

    I actually feel like the Tea Party on campus is a good thing. If individuals want to present their ideas on campus, I believe they have every right to. I will also say that I do not agree with the Tea Party in the slightest, but they have their rights like the rest of us. Also, while some may not agree with the work of the Democrats on campus, their money assists to fund a club that they don’t agree with.

  15. Dani B.

    clearly this all part of some evil sarah palin conspiracy.