Author: leahthemack

  • Congratulations BSF Recipients!

    During the spring semester of 2010, the Brandeis Sustainability Fund was proposed and successfully established by students. The funding for BSF comes from a $15 per year increase in the Student Activities fee. Seven teams of students submitted proposals to BSF, asking for a total of $93,432 in funding; however $47,000 was available for these […]

  • Comments Made by You

    After reading through many statements that were posted next to the 700 plus signatures under the petition for Celebrate Brandeis, it seems that the WBC has already helped unite not only Brandeis, but an even larger community. The signatures range from students in Massachusetts to students in Virginia, to staff, to parents, and to friends. […]

  • Brandeis Recieves a B in Sustainability

    The College Sustainability Report Card was released on October 27th and it successfully graded over 300 schools. Although last year the highest grade given was an A-, schools such as Brown and Pomona have upped their game, and now the highest grade received is an A. However Brandeis is still stuck on a B for […]

  • Please Sign the Letter

    I know that I’m not supposed to post about events occurring outside of Brandeis but the remarks made by Boyd K. Packer frustrate and anger me to no end. They can’t be ignored. This is the sort of act that leads people to commit suicide. A religious figure is telling all LGBT people that they […]

  • Please to meet you…

    My name is Leah Mack and I’m currently a freshman here at Brandeis. I will be writing for Innermost Parts in the future, and I thought I should let you know a little about me before I started. I’m 17 and I watch you sleep. I like to listen to music and have the ability […]