Event: 6th Annual Eleanor Roosevelt Lecture

Cool speaker tonight:

When: Today at 4:30
Where: Rapaporte Treasure Hall,

MEXICANA FEMINIST JOURNALIST ACTIVISTA: The political responsibility of owning one’s voice
Please join us in welcoming Maria Hinojosa, Senior Correspondent, PBS Now, whose sharp mind and generous spirit engages audiences wherever she goes.


I’ve never heard of the Eleanor Roosevelt Lecture Series. What’s that all about?

Radical exhibit, man.

From the archives:


Materials Drawn from the Hall-Hoag Collection of Extremist Literature in the United States

Come take a look at newspapers, pamphlets, fliers, and broadsides from
some of the most divisive right- and left-wing organizations from the
postwar period. The approximately 5,000 publications in the Hall-Hoag
collection range from the late 1940s through 1983, and they represent an
effort to document the wide spectrum of political and religious dissent
literature from the post–World War II period through the Reagan Era.
Collected by Gordon Hall and Grace Hoag, this invaluable collection
includes subjects such as the Black Panther Party, the American Nazi
Party, the Weathermen, Three Mile Island, McCarthyism, and the Equal
Rights Amendment.

Drop in between 11:00 and 1:30 on March 5 and see the one-day exhibit,
curated by Katie Hargrave, graduate student in Cultural Production.

*Radical! Materials Drawn from the Hall-Hoag Collection of Extremist
Literature in the United States*
An LTS Show & Tell Event
Archives & Special Collections (Level 2 of Goldfarb Library)
Thursday, March 5th
Between 11:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

All are welcome!

Howard Zinn to speak at Back Pages on Tuesday!

Acclaimed author, historian, and political activist Howard Zinn – arguably your favorite person in the world – will be holding a discussion at our very own Back Pages Books this Tuesday, November 18, at 7:00 pm. Order tickets for $12 by emailing tickets@backpagesbooks.com. 

Zinn is the author of The People’s History of the United States and recently published a graphic work in comic book form, The People’s History of the American Empire. It also has a cool video narrated by Aragorn.


I, for one, will be there.

Protest the War this Saturday! (and why it still matters…)

This Saturday, October 11, is the six-year anniversary of the Iraq War Resolution granting President Bush the power to invade Iraq. There will be a large and kickin’ protest on Saturday, October 11 on the Boston Common.  The events begin at 11 am, with speakers including prominent socialist journalist Ashley Smith, pacifist author Joseph Gerson, and respected community organizer and activist Chuck Turner. Tons of activist and progressive groups will be tabling at the rally. Plus, the events will coincide with the HONK! music festival, which seems to be a gathering of socialist street bands who will play with the marchers. Fucking. Awesome.



From the rally, we will begin marching at 2 p.m. and travel about a mile and a half, holding signs, singing songs, chanting, and just making a ruckus and getting our opposition out there.

Soooooo, you ask, how do I get to this protest thingamajig? Brandeis will be sending a (hopefully) big delegation, departing from the Brandeis/Roberts commuter rail station on the 10:19 a.m. train Saturday morning. Most likely, DFA and SDS will spearhead this effort, and we’ll probably have a sign-making party later this week. I’ll try to get some form of reimbursement available for train and T tickets for those who need it. We should be able to take the first Saturday shuttle back to campus. I’ll update the world with more information on this once we have the DFA meeting Tuesday and decide shit.

So, there will a protest. But some people I’ve talked to have asked, “Gee whiz Loki, what is the point of protesting anymore? Its just a bunch of angry hippies whose opinions are peed on by the government.” Well, while the government does have a good deal of urine, mass demonstration against the war is vital, now more than ever. Here’s why. Continue reading “Protest the War this Saturday! (and why it still matters…)”