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  • Aramark making baby steps

    Just came across a pretty cool article about Aramark’s decision to pay a little extra for tomatoes grown in Florida in order to increase profits for the harvesters. In an attempt at non-partisanship, I’ll post the link and let you decide if it changes the way you look at our dining services provider. “Food giant […]

  • Let’s be friends

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  • Brandeis move to new e-mail service now official

    Over the past few days, we’ve all been getting e-mails from Lindsay Barton regarding the move to Gmail. Beginning yesterday at 5:30 pm, students’ e-mails “migrated” from our former e-mail service Bmail to the new Gmail. See Barton’s e-mails after the jump.

  • Happy Cinco de Mayo!

    Today is Cinco de Mayo. For those of you who don’t know what this is, Cinco de Mayo means “the fifth of May” in Spanish. It also means “we beat the French.” No, it doesn’t. But they did beat the French in the Battle of Puebla 148 years ago, so let’s celebrate. Happy Cinco de […]


    Running out of points? Don’t feel like spending a meal? Come enjoy a free organic and local dinner! Students for Environmental Action is hosting an entirely free, made-from-scratch organic and local meal in Sherman Function Hall (Upper Sherman) at 6:00 pm. There will also be a panel discussion titled “Food, the Environment and Social Justice.” […]

  • Paul Simon playing at commencement!

    Here’s the e-mail: From: “Jehuda Reinharz” <> To: “undergrads graduating in May” <> Sent: Wednesday, April 28, 2010 10:33:55 AM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern Subject: Paul Simon Dear Seniors, I have great news to share with you.  Thanks to your enthusiastic advocacy, Honorary Degree Recipient Paul Simon has agreed to perform a song at your […]

  • Did anyone else see this e-mail from Jean Eddy?

    Yesterday afternoon Brandeis students received a strange e-mail from Senior Vice President for Students and Enrollment Jean Eddy about the return of Vice President for Enrollment Keenyn MacFarlane. It began, “It is my pleasure to inform you, that effective April 5, 2010, Keenyn MacFarlane returned to the Brandeis campus to serve as Vice President for […]

  • The Justice votes in new leadership

    Many congratulations to Brian Fromm, the new Editor in Chief of the Justice!

  • Good food

    Cuisine is an entangled element of human social relations. Humans are separate from other members of the animal kingdom in our ability to craft cuisine. Sharing food is a beautiful thing, and we’d like to invite you to share your most passionate food experience with our Brandeis community. Send us your favorite recipe. Tell us […]

  • Why I support Sahar for President of the Student Union

    I’ve made a decision this election to become informed. I want to vote for the candidate whose platform aligns with what I care about and whose vision is complementary to what I want for our university. So, I’ve read all the platforms and flyers and Facebook groups and made my decision. I’m voting for Sahar […]

  • There is no such thing as a vegan

    There is no such thing as a vegan, or at least there shouldn’t be. There is nothing distinctively inaccessible about vegan food. Everyone is able to eat vegan food, so shouldn’t it be more approachable than a hamburger or a glass of milk? The labeling of products as vegan is functional because it saves time […]

  • First Semester at Brandeis

    As a first-year in the class of 2013, I’m experiencing something unique.  Because this first-year class is so large, we don’t fit the stereotypes normally associated with the “typical” Brandeis student. Still, I feel like I had a pretty typical first semester here. In this past semester I realized exciting things about this campus. Brandeis […]

  • Get involved with the Garden Project…

    Join the listserv! And check out the Facebook page for the Groundbreaking Event:

  • Greening the Ivory Tower: Brandeis Garden groundbreaking!

    Some of you may have heard about the Greening the Ivory Tower class at Brandeis, taught by Environmental Studies professor Laura Goldin. For those of you who haven’t, its a community-involved learning class which works on environmental projects dealing with the University and surrounding community. This year, the class has teamed up with other students, […]

  • Aramark at Brandeis

    From its founding in 1948 until August 31, 1998, all Brandeis dining was in-house. Beginning July 1, 1991, Brandeis began outsourcing to Aramark. In a letter to Brandeis from Jehuda Reinharz, dated May, 1998: “I am pleased to report that Executive Vice President Peter French created an open process of review involving students, faculty and […]

  • Hi Innermost Parts readers!

    My name is Liat Zabludovsky and I’m a first-year student here at Brandeis. I am familiar with Innermost Parts due mostly to Sahar and partly to my own personal interest with the University, so I am extremely excited to begin contributing to this blog. I plan to cover dining-related news, and would like to be […]