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  • DON’T MISS OUT on art by Brandeis faculty!

    Yesterday, at lunch with Ingrid Schorr, we learned of an amazing opportunity for Brandeis students- to see beautiful works of art! JustArts is an exhibition showcasing artwork by Brandeis faculty and staff, will be on display in the Dreitzer Gallery, Spingold Theater Center, from November 16 to 22. This means MONDAY is the last day!! […]

  • New Student Sculpture Garden…?

    The Kalman and Friedlan buildings are being replaced with a sand volleyball court, a four-season garden, or a hybrid of the two–there was an e-mail and a student vote about it, a while back. Sahar talked about it in a previous blog post. In addition to these options, there will also definitely by space for young […]

  • Thinking about Lee Tusman

    So, Lee Tusman. He’s a Brandeis alum, and a cool one to boot. He came to Brandeis last Wednesday and Thursday. On Wednesday during class, he talked about the sort of cultural-space activism he does. On Wednesday night, we met to plan a secret anarchist (though he never used that word) artist activist event for […]

  • Springfest

    Hi! I’m Becca Carden, a freshman, and this is my first post for Innermost Parts. This weekend was my first Springfest experience at Brandeis. It was really fun and beautiful, and very interactive. But, as I am not an artist, I don’t get the opportunity to see student art very often during the school year. […]

  • Rose Re-Opening…and Why You Should Go

    This Wednesday, from 6 to 8pm, the Rose will have a re-opening with a show of works from the permanent collection. There are still a lot of issues and feelings surrounding the situation with the Rose, but that is precisely why it is important to attend–we need to show that we still care, and that […]

  • Rose Protest in Globe

    The Boston Globe has a decent, if short, article covering today’s protest. You can read it here. It’s not too enlightening on any Rose issues, but it’s nice to see that the student efforts are being properly documented in national media. Remember, you can visit the Innermost Parts article archive to see all of the […]

  • Community + Theater = ??? (Or, Not Brooks or Hughes)

    Recently I have seen Brandeis take two very positive and encouraging, although separate, steps in the right direction. Now I wonder whether Brandeis students and faculty will have the vision and open minds necessary to look around them and recognize how they might be able to make an influential change within their community.