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  • Inner Peace, Outer Peace

    As part of Celebrate Brandeis, our response to the Westboro Baptist Church, the Justice League would like to cordially invite everyone to a meditation session. Emily Peterson and I will be leading a meditation group at 9am on the Great Lawn, SCC. Many wonderful and creative events will be happening on Friday, and will showcase […]

  • How you can get involved

    Megan Straughan was sent this out as facebookmail for the “Celebrate Brandeis committee” event. Everyone should have a chance to read this and learn how to get involved. Thanks to everyone for their participation so far and the hard work coming up! Now is the time for everyone to put themselves into event planning for […]

  • Something you can do to help!

    Sahar has noted to many people have been reaching out to him asking what he can do to help with the events being planned for December 3rd. My name is Rachel Goldfarb, and somehow I’ve ended up in charge of the media/outreach campaign for this whole thing, and I need your help! Last night, we […]

  • Picking up steam

    In less than 12 hours, we have 168 signatures saying: “Yo, these WBC people are lame and mockable. So let’s respond to their hate with a celebration of how much we love each other / Brandeis. And also – Hillel, TRISK, everyone else attacked by these dudes – we got your back” Or saying something […]

  • Story

    In response to all this Fred Phelps business, people have been emailing me about their experiences with the WBC back in the day. I really liked this one: You probably already know that the Phelpses try to provoke violent or otherwise illegal responses from counter protesters/citizens/whomever and then sue the communities or institutions that didn’t […]

  • Westboro Baptist PARTY UPDATE

    So you may be aware that Innermost Parts is a project of a Brandeis club called The Justice League. We’re thinking of holding a general meeting for all campus to plan our response. 10pm Sunday. Good idea? Would you go to that? Here is every idea from the comments and facebook event so far: Which […]