Author: Comrade

  • Party Time

    We’re on, infowars, and – high-fives all around.  We were also on Fox TV, but, I haven’t found the link yet. What’s the reason?  Have you seen the posters decrying the rise of new right-wing radicalism with crossed-out swastikas? Well, apparently someone brought this to the attention of the right-wing blogorama, specifically 96.9FM […]

  • Pres. Reinharz’s Office Hours Cancelled

    Pres. Reinharz has office hours only about once every month.   Today at 9:18am I got an email saying that his office hours which were to be held from 11am-12:30pm were to be canceled “due to unforeseen circumstances”. Anyway, today  is also the day that the University is to release the recommendations of the Brandeis 2020/ […]