Author: Dr.Pepper

  • Gay couples on Facebook!

    Dear all, After watching The Social Network, my Facebook experience has changed completely. The Social Network makes Facebook seem so much more intense and way more fun to be a part of. If you haven’t seen the movie yet I would recommend a family or friends movie night during this upcoming so-soon recess. I just […]

  • Hawaii to pass Civil Unions!

    The Hawaii house has just approved its civil unions bill by a vote of 31-19. The next step is to get it approved by the Senate. The Illinois’ Senate approved legislation of a very similar bill recently. Furthermore, two civil union bills have been introduced this month in Rhode Island and Maryland. Gay marriage activism […]

  • TRISK this week!

    Triskelion (LGBTQA Alliance Group) is alive and back this semester with many exciting plans for Brandeisians. Last week, on Thursday, Trisk hosted Fruits for Fruits (and allies!) that allowed all in our community to reunite and give out countless warm totally trisk-type hugs. It was exciting to see so many midyears show up and get […]

  • Kindness Day!

    Kindness is an act, a process, and/or a positive thought towards a friend, family member, partner, or the world. It is expressed in thousands of different ways. Whatever way we show our kindness, the reward is always a heartwarming feeling of self-gratitude. Here on campus, after having gone through Orientation Week and meeting new friends, […]

  • Hi Ya’ All!

    Hi ya’ all! I’m Afzal Ullah and I’m a first-year science posse student here. I’m hoping to major in Biology and Psychology. People have asked, why not combine the two and major in Neuroscience? The short answer is, I don’t know much (of anything) about Neuroscience. This is why I’ll be taking Intro to Neuroscience […]