One Year Anniversary of Rose Announcement

One year ago today (Jan 26th), President Reinharz announced the closing of the Rose Art Museum. While the museum and its collection remain intact, that status is precarious at best. The administration and its PR team have gone to great lengths to lull the Brandeis community into a false sense of security, suppressing those that would speak out and promote awareness regarding the still-critical vulnerability of the Rose. Consequently, a great number of students, faculty and staff are unaware that a problem with the Rose still exists. Please do not count yourself among them. Remain aware by asking critical questions and holding accountable those individuals with the power to make important decisions. Don’t let this day pass silently. Most importantly, show your support of the Rose Art Museum, its spectacular collection, and its remaining staff. Thank you

Rose Re-Opening…and Why You Should Go

This Wednesday, from 6 to 8pm, the Rose will have a re-opening with a show of works from the permanent collection. There are still a lot of issues and feelings surrounding the situation with the Rose, but that is precisely why it is important to attend–we need to show that we still care, and that the Rose is still important to us. If there is not a huge turnout, the administration will think it was right, and it will be easier for them to promote a vision of Brandeis that does not include the Rose. Instead, let’s show just how many people care–making it clear that a lot of people still have a lot of feelings could make a powerful statement. So please come!

Sit-In Update

The plan for today’s sit-in is to congregate at the Rose Art Museum at 1pm.  There will be tables with petitions and letter-writing opportunities, as well as paper and pencils for signs or other forms of artistic expression.  A microphone will be set up so that attendees may share their personal reactions and accounts of what the Rose means to them.  There will hopefully be a representative from the administration present to hear what everyone has to say.  I encourage everyone who is able to come out in support of the Rose.  Share your feelings and ideas, and make your voice heard!

Reaction to the Rose Art Decision

To the Brandeis community,

I and many others are deeply upset and concerned over the recent news regarding the closing of the Rose Art Museum.  Personally, I regard the Rose as a very integral part of my Brandeis education–I doubt I would have chosen to attend Brandeis had the Rose not been a part of the package.  Recently, a group of students, myself included, demonstrated outside of a closed faculty meeting in an effort to gain transparency and inclusion of students in the discussions/ decision-making processes surrounding the budget crisis.  We were led to believe that our efforts were not in vain–many faculty members spoke out in support, and a motion was passed to encourage student imput.  I and other concerned students are deeply dissapointed and dismayed by yet another blatant lack of consideration for the thoughts and opinions of the broader Brandeis community, especially where such an important issue is concerned.  I am not alone in my outrage over the lack of communication and consultation concerning the Board of Trustees’ decision, and in order to convey that, a group of my fellow students and I would like to organize a sit-in in and/or around the Rose at 1pm this coming Thursday, the 29th.  Our hope is that both students and faculty will turn out in support of the Rose, and that the administration will be forced to take notice and openly communicate with the concerned members of the community.  I feel that something must be done to react against what is an imposing and inconsiderate decision on the part of the Board and the administration.  I hope sincerely that you will be in support of our idea, and encourage anyone who is able to attend.  If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me at, or Maarit Ostrow at

Rebeccah Ulm