Author: Jourdan

  • This is getting hilarious…

    So… apparently everyone feels the need to weigh in on the Ayers event next week. I just found this article, apparently written by Adolf Hitler (correct me if I’m wrong, but he’s dead, right? Bill Graham suggested we try to line him up for next semester though). Anyway, here’s the link: And here are […]

  • SnarkBlog: UJ 4/22/09 Edition

    So, as promised, here is your (not-so) friendly neighborhood snarkblog. Unfortunately, Carrie can’t be here right now, so its just me for the time-being. She might come later, and Mike Laderman and Amanda Hoffman might join in as well. UPDATE: So, since the software Sahar gave me isn’t working, all snark will be presented to […]

  • Elections Final Round Results

    Board of Trustees Number of voters: 566 · Electorate size: 3254 · Percentage voted: 17.39 Ranked by votes Rank         Candidate         Votes        % 1         Heddy Ben-Atar         274        48.41 2         Sahar Massachi         267        47.17 3         ABSTAIN         25        4.42 Alumni Association Number of voters: 416 · Electorate size: 3254 · Percentage voted: 12.78 Ranked by votes Rank         Candidate         Votes        % 1         Samuel Fuchs […]

  • Join the Impact

    This Message from Jourdan, about Prop 8 -Sahar Last Tuesday, millions of people saw a long-awaited dream realized, while millions of others saw theirs crushed. This Saturday, stand up for the right to love! Protest California’s passing of Proposition 8, a ban on gay marriage, with Join the Impact, a grassroots organization staging protests in […]