Author: Carrie

  • Liza Debates Michael Graham from WTKK

    On Thursday, April 23rd, our very own Liza Behrendt debated talk show host Michael Graham on WTKK. She did a damn good job, I’d say. Click here to listen. Quite frankly, Graham’s focus on Officer Schroeder is entirely inappropriate on this topic. I can get into this later, but if he’s looking for an ideological […]

  • And Now For Some Humor!

    In an attempt to distract myself from actual work, I came across this forum called Mass Cops – Massachusetts Law Enforcement Network. On it, they decided to post the Justice article relating to the closed-door faculty meeting and demonstration. The comments are absolutely HILARIOUS and I highly recommend that you take a look and laugh […]

  • Reflections on Today’s Forum

    First and foremost, I send my sincere thanks to Jason Gray for encouraging President Reinharz to hold the forum for undergraduate students. Jason has proven himself to be a very valuable resource by advocating for the needs of the students. Simply put, he continues to impress me. In addition, I must extend a warm thank […]

  • Budget Cut E-mail List

    To those who are interested in the latest news on the budget cut student meetings and issues, please feel free to add yourself to the listserv.

  • The Justice Isn’t Full of Crap!

    Finally, an article that I can fully support. Go read Naomi Spector’s latest addition to The Justice here. And for the barrage of comments that my title will undoubtedly get – it’s sarcasm. I promise.

  • Budget Cut Meeting – TONIGHT!

    Tonight! Castle Commons! 9pm! Join Students for a Democratic Society and Democracy for America as we work to establish a student voice among the budget cuts. For those who are unaware of the issues going on within the language department, look beneath the fold!

  • Water Bottle Survey

    First and foremost, if you have not yet cast your opinion in the Brandeis Water Bottle survey, I highly suggest that you do such right now. Thank you. For those of you who have voted, you were greeted with the following question to which you casted a vote: Recognizing the social, environmental and economic implications […]

  • What’s with Narayan?

    **Please note, the following¬†post should NOT serve as an endorsement of any kind. Thank you. -Carrie For those of us who walked around the Massell Quad on Tuesday, it was hard to miss the words written on the walkways with masking tape – “Vote Narayan.” A creative use of Union materials, no doubt, that could […]

  • Another Senate Seat Scheme

    Very rarely am I ever as upset as I presently am. Just a few minutes ago, I received an introductory e-mail from Senator-At-Large Justin Sulsky. This e-mail was¬†written to all the first-years on campus. After giving a two sentence introduction providing the reader with minimal information, he segways into reminding all first years to vote […]

  • Back to the Future

    As a new writer to Innermost Parts and a new student to the Brandeis campus, I see the value in reading through previous posts published on this blog. Granted, I only grasp a quick glimpse into the many dilemmas of the previous year, there is still so much perspective and insight from my fellow writers […]

  • Get Up!

    Please extend a warm welcome to Carrie, our newest contributor here on Innermost Parts. – Sahar As a first year here at Brandeis, I was overwhelmed by the turn-out this past Thursday night in the Shapiro Atrium as Barack Obama gave his acceptance speech for the Democratic Party’s nomination for president. While I am fully […]