Budget Cut Meeting – TONIGHT!

Tonight! Castle Commons! 9pm!

Join Students for a Democratic Society and Democracy for America as we work to establish a student voice among the budget cuts. For those who are unaware of the issues going on within the language department, look beneath the fold!

This morning at 10am, several language professors met with directors to discuss the Administration’s ultimatum on the language department. The professors either had to give up all level 30 classes in all languages and reduce the requirement to the 20 level or open up the class limit from 18 to 25. The professors opted for the second possibility, although language classes are less productive as the attendance increases. The decision will officially be announced to all language professors tomorrow afternoon.

While this ultimatum’s resolution does not directly defy what Jehuda promised when he said that no classes would be cut, it is clear that the threat of dissolving certain classes is a valuable tactic to the administration as they consider budget cuts.

Join us tonight as we figure out what to do with our concerns. 9 pm – Castle Commons.

Results of the meeting will be sent to DFA and SDS mailing lists and more than likely posted on Innermost Parts.