Author: Morgan

  • News Roundup: Justice 11/16

    The Brandeis Sustainability Fund releases the content of grant proposals. The Justice on Chomsky Student opposition to Israeli Occupation Awareness Week

  • Ice Cream and Party Politics.

    On the list of things that I find interesting, alongside vegetarian recipe blogs, the hindi festival holi and baby animals, is the idea of party based politics. This comes to mind when thinking about last week’s election and some of the conversations that I had about the election with some of my less politically minded […]

  • News Roundup: Hoot 11/12

    Hope that your weekend is going well! Two students were jumped in Waltham. One never reported it to Public Safety. Chomsky. The University has a whole buncha repairs to do. The board of trustees just published a request that administration perform these 170 million dollars of repairs. The Hoot investigates Brandeis’ plans to make crucial […]

  • Tips on Activism Volume II: Writing an Effective Letter

    Letter writing is often considered to be a lost art in a world of emails and text messages. However, the ability to write a competent letter is another skill that will be useful in all aspects of life, not just in activism. AND, it’s a tried and true way to let elected representatives know what […]

  • News Roundup: Justice 11/9

    The faculty senate likes the proposed schedule change. It’s now up to the provost to make a decision as to whether it will go into effect next year. Merit aid is on the decline as a part of the university’s effort to meet 100% of need. Alumni giving has also dropped. The 2011 Thomas Hunt […]

  • News Roundup: Hoot 11/5

    Sorry it’s a bit late. The Brandeis Haiti Initiative is having a celebration to honor the efforts of an alum. awesome! Student Halloween service projects A schedule of and comments about Israeli Occupation Awareness Week. I feel like calling the opposing weeks an example of the “turf war” between Israel-minded groups on campus plays into […]

  • The Justice-11/2

    So much news. The Justice takes a closer look at the Pachanga police violence incident. Students deny claims of violence and state that the police officer was aggressive. Both sides give their stories. Drug and alcohol misuse will be examined by a new Brandeis committee. The Board of Trustees meets to discuss potential improvements to […]

  • News Roundup- Hoot 10/29

    All the news that’s fit to print. Israel groups on campus engage in dialogue. Cool! A judge from the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda came to talk about the death penalty. See the rest of The Hoot here!

  • Tips on Activism, Volume I: Time Management

    Hey All, So this is going to be a new series featuring a collection of tips on activism to help readers become more effective and knowledgeable activists. Pretty cool, right? This series will be a compilation of real-world experience and ideas taken from interesting/relevant articles that I — and other contributors — come across to […]

  • Heeeeeeyyyy Readers!!!

    Hey! If you’re a regular reader of Innermost Parts then you’ll know that we’ve never actually formally said on here that we’re looking for writers. With this fact taken into consideration, it seemed like a good idea to do just that. WE ARE LOOKING FOR WRITERS! So if you share some of our progressive opinions, […]

  • News Roundup: The Justice 10/26

    Not a ton this week, but still: Faculty is considering changing class blocks. The changes won’t go into effect until next year but take a look at the proposed plans Pachanga was crazy. A police officer was bitten. What? Check out The Justice website

  • News Roundup- Hoot 10/22

    Highlights from the October 22nd Hoot: Thomas’ wife demands Hill apologize for confirmation charge Details on Ginny Thomas’ bizarre phone call to Brandeis Professor Anita Hill, asking Hill to apologize for accusing Thomas’ husband, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, of sexually harassing Hill 19 years ago. Financial crisis forced university to take more loans Brandeis […]

  • Nice to Meet You!

    Hey Guys, My name is Morgan Gross, I’m a freshman at Brandeis, and I’m one of your newest writers for Innermost Parts. Whaddup. Now, I know that I’m doing this whole introduction thing kind of backwards; I’ve already posted a few times on Innermost Parts, and you may have seen my name in your inbox […]

  • Need Sensitive Admission, Sensitive to Students Needs?

    While I agree with Bret Matthew’s assertion in his Hoot Op-Ed, that calling Brandeis’ transition to need-sensitive an “affront to social justice” is somewhat sensational, it feels distinctly un-Brandesian to have anything other than achievement go into consideration when determining admission. In the current admissions system, students are listed based on their “desirability” — a […]

  • News Roundup-Mega Edition

    Here are a few of the highlights of The Hoot and Justice from the past two weeks with a short summary of each article. Check them out! The Justice, 10/12 Students for a Just and Stable Future organizes sleep out to promote clean electricity The Justice re-caps a sleep-out held last week by Students for […]

  • You have until noon

    Please welcome our newest member, Morgan Gross – Sahar Would you like to take part in Brandeis’ move towards more ethical eating? You have until noon. Earlier this week, the Union sent out a survey to all students asking if we want to make a switch in University dining halls from eggs produced by hens […]