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  • Shalom… sike! …¡Hola!

    Hey Everyone! Who am I? I’m still figuring that out. Who I will present myself to you as – that’s a different story. My name is Laura Aguirre and I’m new to Innermost Parts. I’m a Junior who took some time off so I will be graduating in 2013. Currently, I’m the co-president of ¡AHORA!, […]

  • Nice to Meet You!

    Hey Guys, My name is Morgan Gross, I’m a freshman at Brandeis, and I’m one of your newest writers for Innermost Parts. Whaddup. Now, I know that I’m doing this whole introduction thing kind of backwards; I’ve already posted a few times on Innermost Parts, and you may have seen my name in your inbox […]

  • Hello Everyone!

    Hi! My name is Deena Kanopkin. I am a freshman hoping to double major in chemistry and studio art. I am from Randolph, MA, which is about 30 minutes south of Waltham. In high school, I was involved in Gay-Straight Alliance, Drama Club, ART Club, and Math Team. I’ve always really liked dancing and jewelry. […]