Deis gets its social justice groove back

Celebrate Brandeis + Social Justice x Bernstein Festival for the Creative Arts =

Members of the Brandeis community have undoubtedly received the email from Herbie Rosen, current Student Union President, announcing Deis Impact.

I know the name doesn’t explain anything, but I promise you that this is the most important, inclusive, progressive event to come to Brandeis in a long time. It’s what I expected from this campus when I transferred, and now it’s happening.

Let me build the hype.
What if the purpose of art didn’t end at applause?

Imagine this: a Leonard Bernstein Festival for the Creative Arts, but for social justice. It’ll make social justice inextricably a part of the fabric that ties the Brandeis community together, it’ll be every bit as visible as art is during the Bernstein festival and make the same point: social justice is all around you.

[INFORMATION SESSION: Tuesday, September 20, from 6pm – 7pm in Feldberg Lounge (Upper Sherman, next to the Stein)]

It’s going to make social justice easy to engage in for any student group and for students who have never before been a part of this facet of the Brandeis experience, and that is its genius. It makes activism easy! Who knew?

My vision is of Brandeis students from every discipline coming together in large-scale, visible projects whose social impact extends deep into and beyond our campus. Collaboration and commitment to changing our campus and the world for the better will characterize the atmosphere.

I can’t be more excited about this, but it can’t happen without student leaders.

My plea: get involved. Come to the information session, get your club leaders to come to the information session, where you can apply to be a part of this incredible week. Create murals, dances, art installations, teach-ins, insane stunts, music, musicals, panel discussions, poetry readings, anything at all that will speak to the mission of social justice and what it means at our university.

And make it big. Be loud in your statement.

(Deis Impact is being brought to you by the Student Union and the International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life)