Author: Becca

  • Halloweening in DC?

    John Stewart, why did you make your march so close to Halloween? How can you expect thousands of college students flock to the streets of DC this Saturday if that means they have to give up Halloween on their own campuses, which may be far away—in or around Boston, for instance? The date is kind […]

  • New Student Sculpture Garden…?

    The Kalman and Friedlan buildings are being replaced with a sand volleyball court, a four-season garden, or a hybrid of the two–there was an e-mail and a student vote about it, a while back. Sahar talked about it in a previous blog post. In addition to these options, there will also definitely by space for young […]

  • Springfest

    Hi! I’m Becca Carden, a freshman, and this is my first post for Innermost Parts. This weekend was my first Springfest experience at Brandeis. It was really fun and beautiful, and very interactive. But, as I am not an artist, I don’t get the opportunity to see student art very often during the school year. […]