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  • Commencement Speaker

    The recipients of honorary degrees at this year’s commencement were announced on Friday. (Was Brandeis trying to make sure this didn’t get noticed? WTF?) Although I was at first disappointed to hear that the keynote speaker  at my commencement would be the current mayor of Newark, NJ, after reading his bio, his wikipedia page, and […]

  • The Fight for Workers’ Rights and Justice

    If you haven’t heard about it yet, you should definitely come to Rapaporte at 7pm tonight to see a speech by Kim Bobo, on her new book, Wage Theft in America. A reception and book signing will follow. Kim will speak to students and other members of the Brandeis community about her life’s work in […]

  • Theatre Arts at Brandeis

    And the debate over the future of the arts at Brandeis rages on: Through a generous gift from the Laurie Foundation, the Brandeis University Hiatt Career Center will administer the Hiatt Theater Arts Fellows Program, a competitive application process to provide $3,000 individual awards to support 7-8 undergraduate students in unpaid theater-related training and internships […]

  • Brandeis Labor Coalition: Can Economics Work for Workers?

    A really important event is happening tonight at 7pm and is hosted by Brandeis Labor Coalition: Can Economics Work for Workers? Are sweatshops needed to strengthen developing economies? Or is there a “race to the bottom” in workers’ wages? What are the right corporate and government policies? On March 19th at 7:00pm in Rapaporte Treasure […]

  • Nettle

    This weekend MusicUnitesUS presents this really cool group called Nettle, which is a collaboration between four artists from different backgrounds, who combine their skills to create original and unique music. On campus through the weekend, they will be in classes on a variety of subjects and giving concerts for a variety of audiences. From 4-5pm […]

  • Brandeis Labor Coalition: Made in L.A.

    Tonight, Brandeis Labor Coalition is hosting Radical Film Night with the movie “Made in L.A.” in Pearlman Lounge at 8pm. It’s a great movie and very relevant today because unions are even more vital during hard economic times like these. Also, the Senate is very close to voting on the Employee Free Choice Act (read […]

  • After the Crossing: US Immigration Policy

    Tomorrow at 7pm in Heller School, there will be a very interesting debate about US immigration policy. The event, hosted by Heller’s Immigration Working Group, will include Steven Camarota of the Center for Immigration Studies and Rinku Sen, Executive Director of The Applied Research Center. Fairly innocuos organizations, right? Wrong. According to a report by […]

  • Immigration, orthodoxy and homosexuality

    Full Disclosure: As part of Heller School’s Immigration Working Group, I helped organize one of Wednesday’s events. Tuesday: As usual, we have the Sex and Sexuality Symposium, Brandeis Labor Coalition, Students for a Sensible Drug Policy and Democracy for America weekly meetings, as well as Brandeis Open Mic Series. Wednesday: One of many events this […]

  • Vaginas, Maple Magic and Climate Wars

    One stop shopping for Brandeis activist related events  for the rest of the week: Thursday: “Climate Wars,” a lecture presented by Prof. Harald Welzer – from 12-2pm in the Faculty Lounge Lunchtime Immigration Seminar – 12:15-1:45, Heller Rm. 163 International Women’s Day Celebration at Brandeis – 5:30-6:30pm in Rapaporte Monsters, Messiahs, or Something Else? Representations […]

  • From Peace-combatants in Israel to Activism in Thailand

    A summary of events happening on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week: Monday: Israeli and Palestinian Combatants For Peace at Brandeis – 5:30pm in Shapiro Art Gallery Weekly meeting of Students Organized Against Racism at 8pm in the ICC and FRESH Water Coalition at 9:30 in the library. Tuesday: A new event in the […]

  • Quick and Easy

    A really simple way to offer your advice to the committee considering the Business major. Hello, My name is Murat Kemahlioglu, I am a junior at Brandeis, and am representing the student body in the academic restructuring sub-committee for the Business Major. I would like to remind you all that nothing is off the table […]

  • Town Halls

    There will be two Town Halls and a Forum this coming week for you to learn what is going on, ask any questions you may have about academic restructuring, and to provide suggestions, input, or commentary. The first Town Hall is today at 430PM. The second Town Hall is Thursday, February 12th at 430PM. Both […]

  • Liberal + Arts = Brandeis?

    Ever since the announcement of the closing of the Rose, there has been a lot of speculation (and anger) about how much Brandeis values the arts on campus (or doesn’t). I have never really had any evidence one way or the other, although I surely hope Brandeis doesn’t cut back on their arts programs since […]

  • This Week at Brandeis (UPDATED)

    It’s the last week before winter break but don’t give up yet! There are a few really interesting events this week to distract you from studying for your first round of midterms, if you are like me and lucky enough to have any. First, you should stop by Polaris Lounge in North Quad tomorrow night […]

  • Events: Budget Presentation, Black Identity, Arts Festival, and Benefit Dinner

    Tomorrow afternoon from 5-6:30 in Levin Ballroom there will be another Budget Presentation and Q&A held by senior administrators including Jehuda, COO Peter French and Provost Marty Krauss. A presentation on the University’s budget and fiscal situation will be given, after which the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions. Afterward, from 6:30-8pm in […]

  • Human Rights, Climate Change, Microfinancing, Siddhartha… and more!

    This week is LOADED with events.  The highlights are a series of events about the memorialization of Guantanamo on Monday and Tuesday, a Microfinance Symposium and building tours showcasing what Brandeis has done to increase sustainability on campus, both on Wednesday, and the Brandeis Theater Company’s production of Siddhartha beginning on Thursday.  See the Innermost […]

  • Activist Calendar

    You’ve probably noticed that here at Innermost Parts we have created the Activist Calendar on the sidebar for your convenience. The newest addition to the site is that you can now email your events to and they will be added to the calendar for you. We will also try out a weekly Activist Events […]

  • Ford Hall Here We Come!

    Ever wondered what it was like to be a Brandeis student taking over Ford Hall in 1969? Forty Years Later: The Ford Hall Takeover An LTS Show & Tell Event Come learn about the 1969 event that had Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) at Brandeis saying, “Black people never win by asking politely.” Archives […]

  • Brandeis Freedom Trail

    Either I’ve been living in a hole unaware of everything going on around campus for the past three years, or some creative people have recently come up with a new way to let everyone know about Brandeis’ activist history. (Probably both.) Freedom Trail Tours Saturday, January 17th 1:30-3:00p, departing from Shapiro Campus Center The Freedom […]

  • Empty Crown?

    The Crown Center’s response to Sahar’s recent post. The Tragedy in Gaza: Competing Narratives January 14, 2009 12:15 – 1:45pm Rappaport Treasure Hall, Goldfarb Library Dr. Amaney Jamal, Assistant professor of politics at Princeton University Prof. Shai Feldman, Judith and Sidney Swartz Director at the Crown Center Moderator: Prof. Robert Art, Christian A. Herter Professor […]

  • Brandeis Saves the Big 3

    I was greeted this morning by a delightful email sent out to Sociology majors.  Noted website and blog Huffington Post has begun publishing the work of Brandeis professor (drumroll please)… Gordie Fellman! Surprisingly, rather than writing about the latest phase of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on which he teaches a class, Gordie hypothesizes about how to […]

  • Don’t forget to…Shut up already!

    Okay, the reminder emails about filling out course evaluations are getting old. REALLY old. Like mold on toast old. Seriously. The latest one says that they are postponing the deadline because they want more people to fill them out, which is great. I have no problem with postponing the deadline. In fact I support postponing […]

  • Aramark

    If you eat in Usdan you’ve probably  seen this sign: It’s funny that Aramark thinks they can appeal to students by framing their food as the hippie, liberal alternative.  The sign makes it clear that Aramark exec’s like Director of Dining Operations, Michael Newmark, don’t understand our perspective. If they did, they would have signs […]

  • Community + Theater = ??? (Or, Not Brooks or Hughes)

    Recently I have seen Brandeis take two very positive and encouraging, although separate, steps in the right direction. Now I wonder whether Brandeis students and faculty will have the vision and open minds necessary to look around them and recognize how they might be able to make an influential change within their community.

  • The Legacy of Our Generation

    As you probably know by now if you read your email and received your free water bottle, Jehuda has decided to ask Aramark to “discontinue the use of bottled water at catered events on campus”. In addition there is going to be a committee to investigate the advantages and disadvantages of having bottled water on […]

  • American Actvists Abroad

    Hi, my name is Tim and I am the newest addition to Innermost Parts. I plan on writing about issues related to Brandeis, Latin America, and how the arts can be a tool used to achieve social justice. I appreciate any and all feedback on posts. Enjoy! While in San Jose, Costa Rica this summer […]