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  • Fairly Traded Chocolate: The Kallari Story

    On Thursday October 14th at 7:00pm in the Schwartz Auditorium, come listen to an incredible presentation by members of the Kallari Association, a self-governed coalition of Amazon artists and organic cocoa producers. This cooperative has created sustainable income so the Kichwa people can fulfill their basic family needs without logging the rainforests or selling their […]

  • Brandeis Labor Coalition: Can Economics Work for Workers?

    A really important event is happening tonight at 7pm and is hosted by Brandeis Labor Coalition: Can Economics Work for Workers? Are sweatshops needed to strengthen developing economies? Or is there a “race to the bottom” in workers’ wages? What are the right corporate and government policies? On March 19th at 7:00pm in Rapaporte Treasure […]

  • Brandeis Labor Coalition: Made in L.A.

    Tonight, Brandeis Labor Coalition is hosting Radical Film Night with the movie “Made in L.A.” in Pearlman Lounge at 8pm. It’s a great movie and very relevant today because unions are even more vital during hard economic times like these. Also, the Senate is very close to voting on the Employee Free Choice Act (read […]