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  • Fall 2010 Course Listings

    And the course listings for Fall 2010 are UP! Check them out and start planning obsessively here.

  • The wonders of ILL

    Upon reading Chrissy Callahan’s article, “Books for classes: Less is more” in The Hoot, I am surprised to find that the most convenient alternative to book-buying is not mentioned at all: Interlibrary Loan. This process is fairly simple, and it allows you to obtain your textbooks from the library without being tied to reading them […]

  • Fellowships

    Did you know that Brandeis offers fellowship opportunities? I know I didn’t; they don’t advertise it, and it’s buried on the Academic Services page. Check this out:

  • Registration

    Have your interests changed a little bit over the summer? Do you have that one class that you really wish you had signed up for? This is just a reminder that as of 12:01 am on MONDAY, AUGUST 17 registration for fall classes are once again open. Ready, set, go!

  • Spring 2010

    As if Fall 2009 wasn’t close enough, Brandeis has published its preliminary schedule of classes for Spring 2010. You can view it here.

  • Courses are up!

    Finally, after a long delay, the registrar has put up the courses which will be taught next semester. You can see them at

  • Finals

    Making plans to go home? The Spring 2009 Final Exam Schedule is now avaliable on the registrar’s website for your all your planning needs. Just what you always wanted…

  • New website for CARS!

    As mentioned in Adam Jaffe’s recent e-mail, CARS has a brand-new, beautiful website. We can now see the membership of every committee, a summery of what each committee is working towards, a timeline of the entire process (including scheduled open forums!) and a document from the provost listing five pages worth of ideas. Take a […]

  • Let your voice be heard!

    bumped ~sahar A message from Steven Karel on mybrandeis:  After a torrent of e-mails over the weekend (1/31/09-2/1/09) with lots of interesting comments, there has not been a single comment today. Please take a look at the other bulletin boards from the CARS subcommittees and weigh in. There are a number of posted questions with […]

  • BrandeisPlans

    Sahar sent this out to the BCC listserv, but it’s so cool that it deserves a post here too: BrandeisPlans, a wiki for members of the Brandeis community to submit, edit, and debate proposals for Brandeis’s future. What better way to make our voices heard? For off-campus access: login – faculty password : change! An […]

  • Merit Scholarships

    There seems to be a lot of confusion going around about the status of Alumnai and Friends scholarships. What is it? Can it be used for study abroad? According to the study abroad office, Alumnai and Friends Scholarship are not merit aid. Or in other words, those who have this scholarship will not lose it […]

  • Shapiro, Maddoff, and Brandeis

    Has anyone else been telling their families that we have no admissions building and the Shapiro family lost all their money? Well… The Justice did an article on it, posted online December 26 here. Notice how Brandeis itself hasn’t released anything…

  • TextbooksRUs

    Well, it’s 2009, which to me translates as, “Oh G-d, Spring semester starts soon and I don’t have my books!!!” And as the price of postage goes up, shipping costs rises–and I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to pay $4 shipping on a $3 used book. Thus, I have come to share […]

  • Food?

    I would like to step away from my capacity of InfoGirl for a second to bring your attention to an article in today’s New York Times, Obama’s ‘Secretary of Food’?. Considering the focus on environmentalism in the Brandeis community, I figured this might interest a few people. And on a subject closer to home, a […]

  • It’s paper-writing time!

    It’s here. Oh G-d, it’s here. Finals. Papers. Sleep-deprivation. I would like to share a link that my sister gave me: Write or Die. She says it’s the ultimate anti-procrastination tool; hopefully it’ll help some people get a bit more sleep this week.

  • Final Exam schedule

    If anyone’s curious, the registrar has published the preliminary final exam schedule here. Not that they’ll announce it or anything.

  • Registration!

    How many people out there know that registration for the Spring 2009 semester is beginning on October 27, a week from Monday? Academic services has been being strangely quiet about it, but according to the registrar’s website, it’s true. Classes can be found at, though note that a) you have to move the drop-down […]