Sahar sent this out to the BCC listserv, but it’s so cool that it deserves a post here too: BrandeisPlans, a wiki for members of the Brandeis community to submit, edit, and debate proposals for Brandeis’s future. What better way to make our voices heard?

For off-campus access:

login – faculty
password : change!

An explaination on the login information: The wiki was originally created as a faculty outlet, but it has expanded to the whole of Brandeis.


2 thoughts on “BrandeisPlans”

  1. As an alumnus, I cannot access your wiki, but here’s a suggestion for a first step to recovery:

    Brandeis should disclose publicly the direct financial investments it makes both for operating costs and its endowment. As its moves to achieve solvency become more drastic, the more I suspect that the university made direct investments in funds managed by or heavily leveraged in Bernard Madoff’s firm.

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