Author: Hyder

  • Kent State and Student Activism

    So as a lot of our readership might know, a few days ago was the 40th anniversary of the shootings at Kent State University. As a lot of our readership also knows, this blog and the authors who write on it are also concerned with issues relating to student activism, and are frequently disillusioned by […]

  • Brandeis and Its Sick History

    A while back Sahar posted something about how awesome Brandeis’ history is. Those of us who went to today’s MLK Week event, Remembering Ford Hall, got to experience a bit of that history firsthand, and it was AWESOME. Seriously, folks, if you weren’t there you really missed out. Picture, if you will, four older black […]

  • Further Thoughts

    Having further thought about, and discussed at great length, The MSA Incident and the subsequent fallout and reaction, I’d like to offer some clarifications and updates to my earlier post. Firstly, I’m really really proud to see the reaction this campus has had. Sahar’s open letter and the responses to the facebook events clearly indicate […]

  • Hate Crime for Sure?

    Hello folks, new blogger here. My name’s Hyder, class of 2012. I’m planning on majoring in bio and IMES, and I’m also interested in politics, activism, Islam in the modern world, South Asia, the list goes on. I’m a member of the MSA. I first heard about this incident late last week, I think after […]