Tag: Budget Crisis

  • Big Vote TOday

    The Faculty (Senate? As a whole? Not quite sure…) will vote today on whether to approve the CARS recommendations or not. 3pm Olin-Sang. We’ll be there covering the whole event. Stay Tuned.

  • Social Justice != internships

    I’m reading an article in the Hoot about the proposed Justice Brandeis Semesters. I really wish we knew more about them. I’m also really confused by this quote: Despite its monetary origins, Jaffe said that the JBS is not motivated solely by the university’s financial crisis. “What this is doing is giving us the opportunity […]

  • The Budget Crisis and how you can help

    On the right hand side of Innermost Parts you can see a little box saying “The Budget Crisis – How to Help”. On it are links to all the official forums where committee-members will be reading and interacting.

  • Did Too Much Debt Cause Brandeis’ Financial Woes?

    The following was sent to the editors of Innermost Parts by a recent alumnus of Brandeis, who has been following the news and decided to do some of his own research on Brandeis’ finances. Most of his conclusions come after examining data from this document, the University’s publicly available FY 2007 990 tax form required […]