Tag: Recent History

  • Thoughts on the Provost’s Decisions

    Earlier today, Provost Marty Krauss released her decisions regarding the 18 proposals that the Brandeis 2020 Committe submitted to narrow Brandeis’s projected operating deficit.  With one minor alteration, she chose to accept them all, meaning that they all will go to the Board of Trustees for approval later this month. I imagine that there are […]

  • Cut Athletics

    By now, the administration has made it clear that it has to cut something. Several departments – classics and American studies, for example – have been warned that they are on a knife’s edge and may soon face termination. Barring budgetary “necessity” scare-tactics, i.e. under normal financial circumstances, I think most students can agree that it […]

  • Reinharz Response to Harper’s Article

    Below is the text of Jehuda Reinharz’s response to the Brandeis article in the November issue of Harper’s magazine. Dear Colleagues, In their November 2009 issue, Harper’s Magazine published a story entitled Voodoo Academics: Brandeis University’s hard lesson in the real economy. In addition to being factually inaccurate, the article is insulting to all members […]

  • Infamous Harper’s Article About Brandeis Finances

    The latest issue of Harper’s magazine (November 2009) has a two-page article on Brandeis’s finances written by Christopher Beha, which is highly critical of the University. It’s sparked a great deal of controversy among the faculty and administrators, and Pres. Reinharz has personally responded to it. Below is the article in its entirety. I’m not […]

  • Welcome Back!

    Welcome home to the nest, where we shall learn to fly on the wings of knowledge and eat the worms of… knowledge. Now that I have my yearly metaphor out of the way, some light, semi-interesting reading worth taking a look at… Financial Status Report This latest document shows that our budget gap-closing measures, spearheaded […]

  • Faculty and staff to suffer cuts to retirement funds

    Though I generally try to avoid posting during the summer , this is rather important. Brandeis has decided, after considering some apparently rather unpleasant options, to suspend payments to its faculty and staff retirement accounts for FY 2010, a move it expects to save $7.4 million in an effort to make up a projected budget […]

  • Statement from Dr. Ronald Walters, 1st Chair of the Brandeis African-American Studies Department

    After finding out about the CARS proposal to transform the AAAS department into an interdisciplinary program, I emailed Dr. Ronald Walters, who was hired as the first chair of the department after the Ford Hall protests in 1969.  He sent me a lengthy response, which appears below. It’s a powerful statement, and everyone should read […]

  • CARS Commitee Proposes Eliminating African-American Studies Department

    Black students at the occupation of Ford Hall in 1969 lobbying for, among other things, the creation of an African-American Studies Department As if black students didn’t have enough to be pissed off about at the moment (what with an all-white Union Judiciary deciding the fate of the racial minority senator position), the Cirruculum and […]

  • Save Wayne Campaign in the Boston Phoenix

    The Boston Phoenix has a short piece on the Save Wayne campaign. Perhaps administrators will start to listen now! Check it out: http://thephoenix.com/Boston/News/79369-Will-Brandeis-lose-its-swagger/ “Brandeis President Jehuda Reinharz unleashed a torrent of negative publicity for his university when, with zero transparency, he announced that the school would shut down its vaunted campus-based Rose Art Museum… Condemnation […]

  • Rose Protest in Globe

    The Boston Globe has a decent, if short, article covering today’s protest. You can read it here. It’s not too enlightening on any Rose issues, but it’s nice to see that the student efforts are being properly documented in national media. Remember, you can visit the Innermost Parts article archive to see all of the […]