Author: Scott

  • (Retrospectively) Live Blogging The Hillel Bar Bat Mitzvah

    So here I sit with Elly, the YMCA song playing over the loudspeakers, and I feel weird.  Today I had a lot of stuff going on, and then I got to this set up and I started playing music.  It was a good time, I just felt sad for the many people who are trying […]

  • Flyer Book

    Today I was walking in the hallway and I saw all these flyers. Then I went to the bathroom and thought how important information is and how much information there is so much that is, but then it is lost forever. Like there is so much in the world, but then it id lost forever […]

  • 24 hour quiet hours; a lot of noise

    Wouldn’t be nice if there were a break in the noise? It sure is 24 quiet hours,  but there is a lot of noise. There is a lot of noise in everything, in the universe and in literature.  Maybe it is quiet, maybe it is not loud, but all I hear is a lot of […]

  • Innermoist Parts

    There is currently a boil water order for Eastern Massachusetts. I don’t think this is a big deal, but you never know. I think that is what it is, but you know, I am not a water expert.  Just chill out and boil water.

  • Wall Composition

    At Brandeis my room has two different types of walls. There is a brick wall on one side, and there is a drywall wall on the other side. I never feel caught between the mix though because I enjoy the diversity of walls.

  • Brandeis During Passover

    Editor’s Note: We’re clearing out the Innermost Parts vaults, posting several articles that were completed a while ago but got overlooked and were never published.  Here’s another, from Scott, written during Passover break. Pesach break is only in its nascent stages, but Brandeis is already pretty empty. Don’t be mad but it is. Or perhaps […]


    Friedland and Kalman were perfectly viable and beautiful buildings that I love. It is very environmentally intensive to build a building. I don’t know why we did not keep them. So much could have been put into them. They were beautiful and sturdy buildings, and they were destroyed without anyone’s consent. Talk about a Rose […]

  • This Must Be the Place

    Must it be the place? It must be. And it is called Brandeis. Gosh I love everyone around me right now.  This place is Brandeis.  It appeals to me, but I am thinking most people do. This same thing would happen if I had gone to my dream school UMass-Lowell. You see all people everywhere […]

  • The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

    Brandeis is a school committed to many things, one of which is social justice. A good way to get thinking about social justice is through art and satire. This evening and tomorrow afternoon the Brandeis Official Readers’ Guild will be presenting a rendition of Douglas Adams’s radio play The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It […]

  • Brandeis Smells Nice

    Has anyone ever realized how good Brandeis has smelled lately. I have and it sure smells good.

  • The Music of Sherman

    So I have been sitting in Sherman eating for the last three hours, and one thing I have noticed is that it is the most eclectic craziest bunch of music I have ever listened to. Man, a hipster at WBRS could only hope to come up with this song selection.  Perhaps the people who created […]

  • Remember When: Michael Ian Black

    Like many fellow Brandeisians I go to Brandeis. I also saw Michael Ian Black and here is my take on it. It was really good. There was funniness abounding about. Especially when there was a really long line that circled the Usdan courtyard and people had to wait in it. Then we went inside and […]

  • Critical Mass

    Brandeis is going to Critical Mass. Hey you know I am awfully critical of somethings. Also I live in Massachusetts. What are you doing this Friday. How about a critical mass bike ride? Critical Mass is an amazing event that happens in many cities throughout the country where people get together and ride their bikes […]