Has anyone ever realized how good Brandeis has smelled lately. I have and it sure smells good.

4 comments on “Brandeis Smells Nice”

  1. Phil LaCombe Says:


  2. Scott Says:

    oh hey i’m phil I go on innermost parts in the middle of class

    “iceland is being bailed out by the IMF”

    Greece is broke

  3. Jessica Says:

    Ok, will agree with this now… but I will say that the Bradford Pear trees (the white flowered ones by Usdan) smelled like semen for a good several weeks. Just being real.

  4. Efe Says:

    It’s all the sunshine and removable flowers Brandeis has managed to install for the prospective students and families…

    It’s makes me happy though and I can’t stop smiling at everyone.

    I do agree that there was an awkward time when it smelled of semen though.