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  • Something Worth Celebrating

    On Friday, I woke up before 8:00 am for the first time in probably over a year to set up the Great Lawn for Celebrate Brandeis. I think the approximately 300 Brandeisians who attended Celebrate Brandeis would also attest that waking up early was well worth sacrificing some sleep. On December 3rd at 8:45 am […]

  • The Schedule for Tomorrow

    Here’s the full schedule. The outline for Friday looks like this: Kickoff: Great Lawn at 8:30-9:30 AM Featuring speakers, performances, and other programming by a wide range of campus leaders and groups. More activities will occur through out the day. Brandeis Peace Vigil 12:10-12:40pm Every Friday the interfaith chaplaincy comes together to host a weekly […]

  • Inner Peace, Outer Peace

    As part of Celebrate Brandeis, our response to the Westboro Baptist Church, the Justice League would like to cordially invite everyone to a meditation session. Emily Peterson and I will be leading a meditation group at 9am on the Great Lawn, SCC. Many wonderful and creative events will be happening on Friday, and will showcase […]

  • Daily Phelps-a-thon Update: We’ve gone Viral

    A dispatch from Chaya Bender AND WE’VE GONE VIRAL! Today alone we raised $1041.25 with 31 pledges… That brings the grand total to $3167.94! Un-fricken-believable! I am so very proud to be a Brandeisian. While we are raising these large sums of money, let us not forget to meditate on exactly who we are helping. […]

  • Daily Phelps-a-thon Update

    From Chaya Bender, co-facilitator of fundraising: Daily Phelps-a-thon Update: $1545.25 and 53 pledges! We will be tabling all week for lunch and dinner in Usdan and Sherman. Please stop by and donate at that time! You will also be able to sign Keshet’s Pledge to save lives and our very own Pledge to Celebrate Brandeis. […]

  • How you can get involved

    Megan Straughan was sent this out as facebookmail for the “Celebrate Brandeis committee” event. Everyone should have a chance to read this and learn how to get involved. Thanks to everyone for their participation so far and the hard work coming up! Now is the time for everyone to put themselves into event planning for […]