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  • “Brandeis Pedal Power: Amping Up Campus Events” Proposal

    Biking to blast music. Sounds like a spinning class. Or an OK Go video. In fact, it's a sustainability project. Harrison Goldspiel, Carrie Watkins and Amira Mintz-Morgenthau submitted "Brandeis Pedal Power: Amping Up Campus Events" as a proposal to the Brandeis Sustainability Fund last month, and are waiting to hear back about whether their project […]

  • BSF Gets a Check!

    National Office Furniture has awarded The Brandeis Sustainability Fund the Gift of Inspiration for Education Environments, a prize which comes with $25,000! As Brandeis Now reports, “Janna Cohen-Rosenthal ’03, a member of the Facilities services staff who serves as campus sustainability coordinator, applied for the National Office Furniture gift and says it “is a wonderful […]

  • Bike-Sharing: Not Just for Brandeis

    The ‘DeisBikes program, which started during the spring 2009 semester, provides free bicycle rentals to Brandeis students. If you’ve never used it before, it’s really easy to get started — just present your student ID to the Shapiro Campus Center Information Booth, and you’ve got yourself a bike for the rest of the day. The […]

  • SPRINGFEST — You Heard It Here First!

    Back in January 2009, Innermost Parts was the first news outlet to report that the Board of Trustees had decided to close the Rose Art Museum.  Last September, we were the first to announce that President Reinharz was going to resign.  Both times, we were accused of irresponsibly publishing false rumors, but both times, we […]

  • A Compromise

    I’ve heard from a lot of people offering to compromise on the Brandeis Sustainability Fund by saying that they’d support it as long as they could opt out of paying.  That still seems a little unfair to me, so let me offer a compromise of my own: Anyone can opt out of paying the BSF.  […]

  • Voting is now open

    Here’s the link to the voting on the Brandeis Sustainability Fund amendment: https://sys.brandeis.edu/voting/menu/9655 There is also an unopposed election for UCC rep on there. I encourage everyone to vote on this very important decision. I’ve said my piece against the amendment, so I will not spew my views further. But you really ought to vote […]

  • Why You Ought to Vote AGAINST the “Brandeis Sustainability Fund”

    So the SEA kids are trying to get us to subsidize their cause by giving $50,000 a year to a new “sustainability” board. Here is a summary of what the proposed $7.50 per semester fee would do. The Facebook event lists such worthy proposals as a “Green themed Pachanga,” “shower minders,” and “energy efficient exercise […]