Author: Emily

  • Coming Out Week: Candlelight Vigil Honors LGBT Suicide Victims

    About fifty people crowded into the peace circle outside Usdan Monday evening to light candles in honor of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Suicide Prevention Day and the five known LGBT teen suicides reported in the past month. “People think that Brandeis’ queer community ends at Triskelion, but as you can see today, there are […]

  • F-Board Regular Marathon Coverage Coming Soon!

    The Finance Board has finished this semester’s regular marathon for allocating funds. You can view which student organizations got what on myBrandeis right now. If you read the Justice today, you’d know the board granted only about 42% of whatever funds organizations requested this semester. Last year, F-Board was able to grant 85% of requests […]

  • Passion Pit Will Headline Spring Fest

    The Spring Fest music committee, made up of members of the WBRS music department and Student Events, have billed the band Passion Pit to headline this year’s Spring Fest. The band was paid their quote of $40,000 with no negotiation for a lower price, according to an anonymous source.

  • Liveblogging Klionsky and McElhaney v. The Student Union

    I’m waiting for another UJ trial to begin, only this time we’re in the Shapiro Art Gallery and have a magnificently grey view of the rain and the science complex. Nobody is here yet, but I have a feeling it’ll be way too crowded about ten minutes from now. As we’ve done before, I’m doing […]

  • Debate over the National Popular Vote Compact Today in Waltham

    Looks interesting: Today at 7-9 PM in the Lecture Room of the Waltham Public Library: should the popular vote determine the outcome of national elections? Pam Wilmot, Executive Director of Common Cause, and Dr. Alexander Belenky, a Visiting Scholar at the Center for Engineering Systems Fundamentals at MIT’s Engineering Systems Division, will be debating over […]

  • Student Senate in a Nutshell: Everything but the SMR Amendment and the Unificationist Club Recognition

    Most notable occurrence behind the cut: the proposed amendment which would prevent candidates from providing political incentives to their supporters, and the five-minute Executive Session surrounding its discussion. Also included: SAF uncapped, Jason Gray defends his actions regarding the current election.

  • Student Senate in a Nutshell: A Smattering of SMRs

    1. Changing Members, New Bylaw Before Jason Gray’ announced his decision not to run for president next term, he swore newly elected East Quad senator Jenna Rubin ’11 and North Quad senator Alex Norris ’11 into office. Senator for the Transitional Year Program, Terrence Johnson, is withdrawing from Brandeis University since he has recieved a […]

  • Jason Gray Will Not Run Again

    Current Student Union President Jason Gray is not running for re-election this term. “My stomach is in a knot right now,” Gray said at this week’s Senate meeting, where he first announced his decision. “For me this year serving as the Union president has been an honor. I’ve been reminded this year how important it […]

  • Liveblogging Alterman v. Student Senate, Hirschhorn, and Melman

    I (Emily) am sitting outside Shiffman 122 right now, waiting for the Union Judiciary to finish their pre-trial motions for today’s big lawsuit. If you haven’t heard, Class of 2009 Senator Eric Alterman has charged Class of 2011 Senators Lev Hirschhorn and Alex Melman for possibly violating an article of the Student Union bylaws that […]

  • Protesting Protesting Protesting

    Jordan Rothman’s latest “Hoot” column protests protesting! I normally wouldn’t critique his columns since he’s already in the minority, but this week’s is worth addressing, given the amount of energy Brandeis students have put into activism in the past few months. I’ve supported many of the recent demonstrations on campus, and writers at Innermost Parts […]

  • What you missed at the town hall

    Members of the CARS committee Wednesday answered questions about three academic restructuring plans. Adam Jaffe, Dean of the Arts and Sciences and CARS chair, said the following changes are being planned: new general requirements starting for the class of 2014, a new Business Major, a new Media, Communications, and Society Major, and the “Justice Brandeis […]

  • Student Senate in a Nutshell

    This Sunday’s meeting has a brief summary: Provost Marty Krauss mentioned possible Gerstenzang Library cuts, according to a report by Adam Ross, Chair of the Provost’s Advisory Committee. Ross recently spoke to Krauss about her goals for the CARS committee. Jenna Rubin, chair of the Dining Services Committee, also spoke, mentioning plans to purchase a […]

  • JuicyCampus to Shut Down, Will Not Matter

    Today is the last day to access JuicyCampus, the controversial college gossip website created by greedy Duke alum Matt Ivester. In related news, today is also the last day of “JuicyCampus: to ban or not to ban?” debate at Brandeis. That’s killing two annoyances with one collapse. It’s a good day for everyone! Except Ivester! […]

  • Senate Report: Department of Student Life Deans Explain Budget Deficit Decisions to Students

    President Gray plans to invite more administrators next week, “perhaps Peter French”, but details aren’t clear who the Student Senate’s next guest will be. French is Brandeis’ Executive Vice President. For more recent news, check your e-mail and Loki’s post: Rose Art Museum to be shut down and auctioned off. Students crammed into this week’s […]

  • Student Senate in a Nutshell: Resignations, Elections, Administrative Clash

    This weekly feature, which will essentially recount what happened during every Sunday’s Senate meeting, should make the Senate more accessible to their voters. I’ve decided that our student government could use more rapid transparency. Though the Student Union is open to its voters, there isn’t anything directly informing the student body of what their senators […]

  • You should vote today, but don’t stop there

    If you read Innermost Parts, you already know that voting between Adam Hughes and Andrew Brooks for Student Union veep runs from now until 11:59 tonight. Vote now, if you haven’t already. Checked that box? Submitted your vote? Great. Now spread the word. Though I unabashedly support Adam Hughes as much as the next writer […]

  • Largely Unattended 9/11 Forum Stifled Productive Discussion

    Please welcome Emily, another new writer of ours EDIT: Please read the recent Justice article on this event, which I found very enlightening, particularly the sophomore that was interviewed who was profoundly personally affected by the September 11th attacks. There is a particular reason for my- and other attendees at this discussion- ignorance to his […]