Student Senate in a Nutshell: Everything but the SMR Amendment and the Unificationist Club Recognition

Most notable occurrence behind the cut: the proposed amendment which would prevent candidates from providing political incentives to their supporters, and the five-minute Executive Session surrounding its discussion. Also included: SAF uncapped, Jason Gray defends his actions regarding the current election.

1. Reports:

During his executive report, Student Union President Jason Gray announced that the Student Activities Fund has been uncapped. This means the mandatory 1% of tuition channeled into the fund will now correspond to current tuition levels, which have increased in recent years.

Gray also referenced the recent e-mail from the Rose Committee requesting students for imput. Gray urged senators to encourage students to participate in both the upcoming town hall, the comittee’s forum on myBrandeis, and e-mails to the committee. Gray also said that due to the information he’s been given, he believes a few Rose pieces must be sold to fill budget gaps.

Gray also addressed the allegations made in Hoot reporter Ariel Wittenberg’s recent piece titled “Senators Question Politics of Union Presidential Race“, which implies Gray is attempting to manipulate the presidential race. Gray said Wittenberg’s piece is “poor journalism”, and went on to argue that the  article draws attention from the needs of students, instead focusing on “playing politics”.

“[Sometimes we] need to step back and re-prioritize,” he concluded.

Director of Community Advocacy Andy Hogan plugged the  fire safety event occurring this Wednesday and Thursday.

Senator for the Class of 2012 Supreetha Gubbala promoted the God Sleeps in Rwanda event, which will be Tuesday at 7:00 in Levin Ballroom.

Senator for the Class of 2010 Amanda Hecker promoted the 5k Charity run.  This event was granted a SMR worth about 700 dollars last week.

2. Club Stuff

Gen Ed was granted a Provisional Charter.

Students Crossing Boundaries were provisionally recognized.

A few potential de-charters were tabled, since Sung Lo Yoon was absent.

3. Sundry

Brooks, in one of his many attempts to establish order: “Try to refrain from superfluous motions.”

Senator for East Quad Jenna Rubin motioned for another damn Executive Session before the Senate could discuss Rubin’s proposed bylaw, which would prevent candidates from providing political incentives to their supporters. Wittenburg probably has the same opinion of Executive Sessions that I do: she shouted, “Objection!”

The Executive Session passed, and lasted about five minutes. A senator told me the Senate didn’t discuss anything but the contents of the bylaw, which is unsurprising, since the bylaw is required to be tabled for next week’s meeting. I wouldn’t be surprised if another Executive Session frustrates the press next week: Rubin seems intent on keeping the bylaw’s debate private.

The Senate also procedurally tabled a few SMRs, including the SMR granting over 3,000 dollars to the Midight Buffet. The SMRs will be reviewed next meeting.


2 thoughts on “Student Senate in a Nutshell: Everything but the SMR Amendment and the Unificationist Club Recognition”

  1. The bylaw is silly. It’s unenforceable. In a democracy we need to trust the people to see through the crap. True, nobody cares about Union, but if we get another Sinha or two in office I think people might start to watch more carefully.

  2. executive sessions are comical given that barely anyone at brandeis even cares what goes on during these meetings.

    Why bar the few students who care from hearing what goes down?

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