Send a Good Dem to Congress Tonight!

(A message from the Democrats and DFA)

Progressive Democrat Scott Murphy is standing toe-to-toe with a powerful republican in a historically republican district. With your help tonight, Scott will be a member of US Congress TOMORROW!

Please join other campus progressives as we make GOTV calls to democrats in New York’s 20th Congressional District (upstate NY) reminding them when and where to vote!!!

We will be making calls from **Village TV Lounge between 5:00 and 7:00 PM**

In a close race like this, your help could make all the difference.

During the last Congressional cycle, DFA-Brandeis made calls that helped Joe Courtney of Connecticut win a Congressional seat by just an 83-vote margin. These races can be very close!

Please come a help tonight! It will be fun and you WILL make a difference!