Tag: Brandeis is Awesome

  • Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars!

    Exciting news, everyone. The Harry Potter Alliance, an innovative non-profit run by Brandeis alum Andrew Slack, recently won a $250,000 grant from the Chase Community Giving challenge on Facebook. Woah dude. Congratulations are in order. Let me tell you just a bit about the Harry Potter Alliance, and why it’s so great. First off, this […]

  • Cool!

    Did you get the email? Brandeis is replacing some old science buildings with a GARDEN or possibly Volleyball or possibly a combination of the two. I don’t know why but this is very exciting to me. The email: Dear Members of the Brandeis Community: The last portions of Phase 1 of the Science Complex Renewal […]

  • I am so excited for Wednesday

    I’m really busy so I have to keep this short. Something really amazing is going to happen on Wednesday. On Wednesday and Thursday Professor Cunningham is inviting a bunch of amazing Brandeis alumni for a panel on social action. It’ll be great. Noon, Brown auditorium (thats in the building near Pearlman and Usdan). Go! But […]

  • Dionysis Night

    At the Ford Hall event tonight I learned about this amazing event that used to happen at Brandeis. It was called Dionysis Night and here is the deal: 100 students, twice a semester, naked on the Great Lawn, watching porn. Brandeis was awesome! Why can’t we do this now?

  • Help bring cool alumni to campus

    Tomorrow, at 1pm in the faculty club, a bunch of us are meeting Professor David Cunningham. Professor Cunningham is the head of the Social Justice Social Policy program. For his Social Movements class, Cunningham wants to bring kickass activist alumni or possibly just kickass alumni. After they show up, ARC will try and host them […]

  • Brandeis Has an Amazing History

    Did you know that Albert Einstein corresponded with Louis Brandeis about the idea that eventually became Brandeis University? Did you know that Einstein was the one who insisted it be named after Brandeis? I am reading a report in the Hoot about a lecture given by Professor Stephen Whitfield about the early days of the […]