Occupy Wall Street- 7:28pm Saturday

7:28pm We just ran into the “Rent is to Damn High!” guy at Zucotti Park. http://credit-n.ru/zaymyi-next.html
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Occupy Wall Street- 7:03pm Saturday

7:03pm The second general assembly is starting. The one demand will be decided on soon. The street lights are on and the march around Wall Street has finally been completed. http://credit-n.ru/zaymyi-next.html
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Occupy Wall Street- 5:04pm Saturday

5:04pm Marching around Wall Street. “Human Needs-not Corporate Greed.” The NYPD just advised the media to leave lower Manhattan. http://credit-n.ru/zaymyi-next.html
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Occupy Wall Street- 4:06pm Saturday

4:06pm the first years (including me) have been handing out food and set up a distribution center with minimum visibility. http://credit-n.ru/zaymyi-next.html
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Occupy Wall Street- 3:31pm Saturday

3:31pm The general assembly has begun at Zuccotti Park. The first years are helping with the food efforts. Shea and Scott are participating in a focus group. http://credit-n.ru/zaymyi-next.html
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Occupy Wall Street- 2:51pm Saturday

2:53pm The march to Zucotti Park has begun. http://credit-n.ru/zaymyi-next.html
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Occupy Wall Street- 2:40pm Saturday

2:40pm The cops have virtually surrounded the area around Bowling Green park. They are definitely just monitoring the system right now. The general assembly is going to start (supposedly) at 3 in Zuccotti Park a couple blocks away. http://credit-n.ru/zaymyi-next.html
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Occupy Wall Street- 2:17pm Saturday

2:17pm Scott just reported that the cops have completely barricaded off chase plaza. The roads are barricaded as well. The organization of the protest is definitely mediocre. Some radicals might make the one demand illogical and unrealistic, completely castrating the protest. http://credit-n.ru/zaymyi-next.html
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1:59pm Rumors of police ketteling attempt pushes us out of the park and into the plaza in front of the smothsonian indian museum. While speeches were being made, the police tried to arrest a veteran waving a flag, a group chant deterred him. http://credit-n.ru/zaymyi-next.html
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Occupy Wall Street- 1:39pm Saturday

1:39pm occupied wall street meets for a pre rally. About 1.5 thousand people showed up. A lot of chants. “no justice, no peace, F*** corporate greed”. About to begin the General Assembly. http://credit-n.ru/zaymyi-next.html
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Live Blog from Wall Street- 11:39am Saturday

We are all packed and are ready to leave Shea’s apartment to head down to Bowling Green Park for the pre-rally. Let’s Go!

-Aaron http://credit-n.ru/zaymyi-next.html
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Live Blog from Wallstreet- 9:45am Saturday

This is Aaron live blogging from Shea’s apartment (about 10 minutes walking distance from wallstreet). I am helping Shea cover this event. Nick and Jake are two other first years with us.

The dumpster dive adventure last night was super successful. We secured three large trash bags of bagels and one shopping cart of canned goods from whole foods!

At 9:50am we were awoken by a huge roar of a motorcycle brigade. There were all bearing American flags. We think that we’ll see them later at Bowling Green Park. http://credit-n.ru/zaymyi-next.html
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Live Blogging Ocuppy Wall St

Scott and Shea from Fung Wah. We past the auburn Mall. Were going to eat in china town, then go dumpster diving at 830 all around NYC with tons of people we dont know to gather food for the occupiers. Adventure!

We share this quote that we want to hold in non-violent spirit tomorrow:

“Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everyone. If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.”

We come to Wall street to spread love and advocate human life over corporate profits. We hold no grudge, nor hate anyone working in finance. We are going to Wall street to put our ideals into action. We are the 99%, though we have only love for the 1%. Let us have a peaceful dialogue, not cause any more suffering! http://credit-n.ru/zaymyi-next.html
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United Students Against Sweatshops 2011 Conference

United Students Against Sweatshops Conference Travel Scholarship Application Deadline Tomorrow

Hey all!

We are applying for a travel scholarship for the 2011 United Students Against Sweatshops Conference at Ohio State University (http://usas.org/2010/10/28/register-for-2011-conference/). If we get enough people to join, we could go for free.

However, the deadline for the travel scholarship is TOMORROW. If you are interested in attending, please sign up on
before NOON TOMORROW so I can add your name to the scholarship application.

Also, check out the Facebook event:

The event will be a great opportunity to learn about a sensitive issue, help build a strong worker/ student coalition, discover new organizing skills, network, and become part of America’s larger progressive movement!

[From the USAS website:
“The 2011 USAS National Conference is a unique chance to gather with hundreds of students committed to taking back our universities from those who value corporate greed instead of respect for workers and affordable quality education for all. At the conference, you’ll:

* Learn about and plan national USAS campaigns with workers who sew our schools’ clothes and workers on our campuses.
* Sharpen your organizing skills and get new ideas for your campus group with workshops and trainings with veteran student and labor organizers.
* Join teams of students already working to build our student-labor movement much larger, share experiences with organizers from all walks of life, and make our work more dynamic, creative and fun.
* Be part of a powerful student movement that fights for justice, and wins!”]

Hope you can all make it!

Sasha Beder

Brandeis Interfaith Group: What If Speak-In and Beyond!

For those of you who don’t know, Brandeis Interfaith Group is a newly formed club on campus, centered around interfaith dialogue and service. We meet in the Peace Room every Thursday at 9- check it out. I personally look forward to BIG every week, because we have collaboratively fostered some of the most meaningful dialogue I have taken part in thus far in my three semesters at Brandeis.

On Monday November 15th in the Rappaporte Treasure Hall, Brandeis Interfaith Group along with several other co-sponsors on campus had our first “big” event. The What-If Speak-In was a night of kosher dessert, meaningful stories, Q and A with President Elect Fred Lawrence, and interfaith dialogue with members of the Brandeis community. The goal of the event was to foster meaningful dialogue and expose ourselves to different ideas from faiths and belief systems, centered around fighting homelessness in Waltham, the greater Boston area, and the world.

Members of BIG (including yours truly) read stories and poems about our own faith journeys and how we apply our faith traditions and belief systems to serving others. President Elect Fred Lawrence honored us by offering his unique perspective about religious pluralism and its role at Brandeis. Students had the opportunity to ask the President Elect about his faith own faith journey, and how it applies to serving others. Following President Elect Lawrence, students, faculty, staff, and others from the community discussed in small groups their own personal experiences in faith and service.

The What-If Speak-In was the first of a series of events and projects as part of the larger Better Together Campaign. Over the rest of the academic year, BIG and the community will be working on projects to elevate local homelessness. We will (eventually) be looking for co-sponsors. If you think your club or organization is interested, or if you as an individual are interested in getting involved, join our listserve, facebook group, come to our Thursday meetings, or e-mail me, Rachel Downs at red1103@brandeis.edu.

Get ready for our next BIG (big) event coming in December! Monday December 6th from 8-9:30 around Massell pond and in the Shapiro Dorm Lounge, there will be hot cocoa, cookies, and conversation and lights and holidays, both physically and metaphorically. Hope to see you there!

love- Rachel and BIG

Calling All Foodies!

If you are interested in food and social justice and you love to meet people doing food justice work then get ready for this Tuesday! There will be a regional student Real Food meet-up at Suffolk University on 73 Tremont st. (park st. T stop) in Boston on November 16th 6pm with plenty of desserts to go around. This is a time for students on campuses in the greater Boston area to meet, mingle, and discuss the sorts of change they are trying to create in terms of food sustainability. We can all collaborate and connect with other students as well as some of the national Real Food Challenge coordinators. We will be getting input and ideas about the Real Food Northeast Spring Summit, which will be 500+ person conference on food justice and sustainability. Email mturesky@brandeis.edu if you are interested or just show up in Boston at 6pm, no prior Real Food experience necessary!

The New Meat in Town

Real Food’s Margo Kolenda reviews the impact of the newly re-stocked local burgers in the Boulevard. Sustainability has never tasted so good.

At Last! After weeks upon weeks of asking the man behind the counter at the Usdan Boulevard for a Wolfe’s Neck Burger, until I didn’t even need to ask to get the apologetic dismissal with a shake of his head, they have returned. Permanently. According to dining services, who admit they never should have left, they will be available every day, and better advertising (have you noticed those energy-sucking tv screens?) will be used to attract customers. When I got one Wednesday night, seven other people in line had one with me. One guy asked the chef, “what’s the difference,” and got back the straightforward, confident, “better quality.” In two simple words, he told the guy what it will take me the rest of this blog to tell you.

What’s the difference? For those of you that don’t know, Wolfe’s Neck Burgers (recently bought by Pineland Farms), are a local organic, grass-fed, humanely raised, all-around-wonderful option for us meat-eaters who still have a conscience. These burgers come from cows that mature in a pasture, the way cows were meant to live. The minimum space they will ever have to themselves is 250 square feet per cow — that’s definitely bigger than the pen I am living in at Brandeis right now. No pent up CAFOs, no standing almost on top of other animals wallowing in their own feces. These cows are fed grass up until the finishing stage, their natural source of food. (After that they are fed barley, still a grain, never corn and never the animal by-product that CAFO cows receive). This results in healthier cows, less disease and risk of E. coli, as well as healthier meat with fewer calories, lower fat, less carbs, yet a higher amount of protein and Omega-3 fatty acids. The cows are never given antibiotics or growth hormones of any sort, and they don’t even need medicine with the natural way in which they are raised. Moreover, the farms are local, not out in the Midwest somewhere, and they use sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

I love that I can have a hamburger and not feel guilty about eating it. (sorry vegetarians/vegans). And let’s face it, they are just so tasty! So go out and enjoy one for yourself, and let dining services know how glad you are to have one.

Take Back the Night

No, I’m talking about sexual assault of a different stripe. I’m talking about the kind that means a hand job in a dark room where you’re afraid to make a sound for fear of waking up your sleeping cabin mates. I’m talking about your sort-of-not-really boyfriend with his hands up your shirt in AP US History while you try unsuccessfully to take notes as if nothing was happening. I’m talking about the demons that make your best friend since third grade say to you, “Don’t have sex–it ruins everything.” These stories are not unique…

I, like most women I know, have had my run-ins with sexual assault. Not the kind that appears in a deserted parking lot in the form of a strange man with hungry eyes, though this is a scenario that has haunted me on many nights out. No, I’m talking about sexual assault of a different stripe. I’m talking about the kind that means a hand job in a dark room where you’re afraid to make a sound for fear of waking up your sleeping cabin mates. I’m talking about your sort-of-not-really boyfriend with his hands up your shirt in AP US History while you try unsuccessfully to take notes as if nothing was happening. I’m talking about the demons that make your best friend since third grade say to you, “Don’t have sex–it ruins everything.”

These stories are not unique. I will bet you that almost every woman you know could tell you countless anecdotes like these, most likely dismissing them as “not a big deal,” “I was stupid,” or “that was just one time.” Here in post-feminist America, women can expect to see one sixth of our numbers experience an attempted or completed rape in their lifetime and millions more be invaded, violated, scarred, and humiliated by a culture that treats the systematic abuse of women as no more serious than a locker room prank.

But the danger, authorities tell us, is not from the men we know and trust (even though 38% of rape victims know their attacker) and it is not for those who take appropriate precautions. Rape happens to women who go out alone, at night, in bad neighborhoods; to women who get drunk while wearing the revealing and immodest clothing that is marketed to them from every magazine cover; to women who talk to strangers and get in their cars without first checking the back seat for a lurking attacker. If you do not engage in risky behavior, if you stay home with people you know and trust (even though over half of teenage rapes happen in the victim’s own house or the house of a friend), then these things will not happen to you.

America, don’t believe the hype. What these rules really do is take the responsibility for rape away from society and place it on women themselves. Now, if you “get yourself raped” it’s not because our culture objectifies women and over-values men’s sexual conquest–it’s because you “engaged in risky behavior.” That’s why the image of the strange man in the parking lot haunts our collective dreams and shows up in movies like “The Lovely Bones” even though such cases are relatively rare. He, the psychopath, the deviant, is the only rapist we hate because his victims don’t break the rules and therefore can’t be explained away. As for all those other women being raped by their friends, lovers, and acquaintances–well, they shouldn’t have been out at night.

This week we at Brandeis are speaking out, both against sexual assault as a systematic oppression of women and against the fear-mongering and victim-blaming that allows us to ignore it. This Thursday at 7:00 pm we will march from Rabb Steps through campus, stopping in each quad to hold vigils and hear from students and administrators who are poets, survivors, and warriors. I invite you all to join us in our fight to Take Back the Night as a safe place for all people. I’ll see you there.